Why you should buy a book instead of expecting it for free?

While promoting my book, I come across people who demand it for free. Maybe many of them are still there in my profile. Dear friends, we writers spend almost whole night to write a particular chapter. Sometimes we work sleepless to bring beauty to the narration. And when we wake up the next morning we realize that we are actually not living our day to day life in order to live our dream i.e. to write the book.

Because we are unable to sleep in the nights, we wake up late which results in various health complications like weakness and lack of digestion. Morning time is not suitable for writing because people keep disturbing us throughout the day and therefore we cannot concentrate.

When we have completed writing a book, we look for various publishers who may publish our book. But then most of them either rejects the script or demand a certain amount of money (Nearly 45k for perfect publishing). Maybe they are right in their business as why someone would invest in our dream. The publishers also have limited resources and in India every month new authors take birth so it is nearly impossible to traditionally publish every author.

After the book has been published, we genuinely expect the readers to read and give genuine feedback. But then as we have already spent a huge amount in publishing, we cannot afford to send free copies to every reader. Trust me if we could, we would have. So next time when an author requests you to have a look at his book, please do so. He might not be begging you but must be expecting you to at least appreciate his endless efforts which he did to provide you that book.

If a reader is looking for a good book and the author is able to convince him to buy the book. Then the reader can pay the price as a token of gratitude to the author for those numerous sleepless nights he remained intact to write the masterpiece. I know many of them think that why should we invest as they will read it only once and then it will be of no use for them. Agree, they may not read it twice or again but wonder if they think the same when they go for a movie?
After you have read the book, you can always gift your book to those who love to read. I do not condemn free sharing of the book which was once bought.

An author usually gets only 10-20% of MRP as the royalty of the book. Which means most of the money has already been taken as a commission by online selling sites like Amazon (which is nearly 25% of the MRP) and the publisher is also there to expect a minimum profit of atlest 10%. Many of them finds alternative by sharing the PDF, but those PDF’s are never tracked and hence fetches no royalty to the author. Some authors can afford and may send you the PDF’s to spread their book, I respect their thoughts aswell because they just want the readers to read for the good of readers only and they (authors here) do not expect any profits in that.

After selling almost 1,000 copies what do we get? Only 10-20k and you all know it takes months or sometimes years to sell those 1,000 copies. But that money is not enough to survive, therefore we also need to do job or business to earn our daily bread butter which means extra stress and effect on our health.

But trust me, we are never after money. The money we get, we spend it in marketing the book so that we could reach as many readers as much as we can.

For us the real treasure is love for us in your hearts. Please always buy a book if you love to read. Thanks. Love you all.

For all those who are reading till the end, please share this to spread the true picture.

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