Why books don’t sell and how to solve this issue?

I have been reading the posts of few bestselling authors. Some of them are tired of no result from paid marketing campaigns while others are busy defending themselves from the reader’s negative feedback. Even a writer who had written almost 10+ books is now searching for paid blogs where he can earn because his books are mostly distributed as a free pdf. Although it sounds discouraging but seeing all this, I personally feel that below are the following reasons of this chaos:

1. Increasing number of authors have lead to shrink in market share per author.

2. New authors, mostly the self published ones are distributing free copies in order to gain popularity which is diluting the mind of the readers and making them habitual of expecting free copies.

3. Authors are mostly misguided by the social marketing giants and they just take money and show no results.

4. Self publishers are publishing anything for money. Sometimes the script published is not even worth reading once.

5. People think that they can write and sell. But trust me many of them can’t even narrate a single line properly. Just because they have money, they ruine the chances of a real talent.

The only way to get through this is:
1. To publish only quality and error free content. Which will circulate only good scripts and will lead to proper market share for every deserving author.

2. Proper guidelines to the new ones so that they don’t get fooled by people who just take money for marketing and do nothing.

3. Formation of an ‘Association of Self Publishers’ to control and guide the working process and stop the ill practices done by new publishers.

If this is not done. The good ones should not be worried. The bubble burst of publishing industry in near future will settle everything very soon.

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