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Tanu Grover

About Tanu Grover

Tanu Grover, an Indian author, a bilingual poetess, an English Language Educator and a Happiness Mentor, was born on November 27, 1982 in the city of Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Among her published works are:

  1. A romantic novel, ‘COULD LOVE BE FOREVER?’
  2. A lyrical composition, ‘PURE PLEASURE, THE POETRY TREASURE’ and

Writing is her passion and all she wants is to light up the world with love, joy and compassion through her works. Born with a flair for writing, she has been receiving myriad accolades and encomiums for touching the heartstrings of all and sundry through her myriad poems and essays. Blissfully unaware of any kind of pride or malice in her innocent heart, her incredible zest for love and life is quite contagious. Being a typical Sagittarian, she is a die-hard optimist, an ardent spiritual-seeker and a philosopher at heart. An extrovert in nature, she’s perpetually sparkling with invigorating ebullience, incurable optimism, ceaseless generosity and heart-warming warmth.

LiFT: Tell us about your book, the journey of writing it and its content.

Tanu: ‘Could love be forever?’ is a heart-touching tale of the miraculous and magical power of true love. It effuses rays of perpetual hope to the readers – a hope of attaining true love for ever and ever, irrespective of the hurdles which life and death throw in one’s path. It depicts how a true lover can sacrifice his all and endure even the most dangerous trials for the sake of uniting with his soul-sweetheart. This supernatural saga mainly focuses on the idea that the human soul can attain gratification and contentment only and only through the means of pure, divine love and it also delineates how a devoted lover can fearlessly break all the barriers of birth and death, life and afterlife, hell and heaven, God and Satan, magic and sorcery in order to be one with his darling. Barbara Watson, the heroine of my novel, embarks on an epic journey in quest of her beloved sweetheart who was snatched away from her by the evil clutches of death. And on her way, she helps the Forest God, King Allesandra, who had lost his about-to-be bride to an evil spell and a cursed damsel, Sabrina, who had lost her newly-wedded husband because of her silly liaison with another man. Barbara’s faith in the magic of love helps them all in overcoming their predicaments and finally reuniting with their long-lost lovers. Together, they attain victory over the demons of time, distance, death and sorcery and saturate their life again with unending love after centuries and centuries of separation. This enchanting tale of immortal love and surreal romance is filled with magic, spells and beautiful songs which blossomed from the deepest core of my heart. I had a wonderful time while penning down this marvelous novel as it took me away from my diseased body and also, the millions of deceased bodies due to the pandemic. It so happened that I got bedridden in 2010 when my daughter was born. So to keep my mind away from the agonizing aches and pains, I began to use my time productively by writing. However, as I regained my health, I joined my teaching job again and forgot all about the novel. Then in 2020, when we were all locked up inside our houses owing to the pandemic, I again had the desire to do something supersonic with my time. So I took out this unfinished piece of writing and began scribbling again. And I really had the best time of my life while writing this novel as it totally transported me to another world from where I never wanted to revert. But of course, I had to (shrugs).

LiFT: Why you chose this title?

Tanu: Well… I have always been a firm believer of true love and soulmates. I think that real love is immortal and everlasting. If a person falls in love with someone once, he can never be out of love or fall in love with someone else again. Whatsoever happens. Even if one is unfortunate and suffers a separation from one’s beloved, the devotion and worship never reduce. And this love travels with one’s soul from birth to birth. So there’s no end to it, you see. The soul finds its mate in every birth. It just knows. But there are many people who don’t believe in this notion. Hence, I wrote this novel in which this fact is emphasized that even though the soul changes its bodies and places, its soul partners can never change. Somehow or the other, soulmates find their way back to each other. Hence, the name of the novel was kept ‘Could Love Be Forever?’ posing a question to those skeptical people who don’t believe in the miracle called love and thus proving to them by means of this fabulous story that yes, love is forever. It’s always, always forever.

LiFT: When did you realize that you want to be a writer and what’s your inspiration behind it?

Tanu: There never was a special moment when I thought of becoming a writer. I’ve always been a writer, actually (laughs). I remember when I was in grade 4, the principal of my school applauded me for the wonderful stories, essays and letters I wrote. She was stunned to see a nine-year-old brimming with such creativity. After that, I came into the limelight and was requested to write articles for my teachers, friends and family. Additionally, I was sent in for all creative writing competitions and workshops where I bagged many awards. Then I began writing poetry in ninth grade and ever since, I haven’t stopped writing. But getting published and bringing my book out into the world is an altogether different thing. When I got sick after my daughter’s birth, I used to spend all my day lying in bed. In those pathetic days, I remembered a passage from a book which I had read when I was in tenth standard. The book’s name was ‘Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude’ which has been written by Napolean Hill and W. Clement, and that passage had stated that the most wonderful books were written by people during their illness only. And thus sprang up the idea of creating this book of love which has now gratefully made me a renowned author (smiles).

LiFT: Where do you see yourself ten years down the line in the world of literature?

Tanu: Ah! Isn’t life unpredictable? I don’t plan much and leave everything in my Lord’s hands but yes, the response I’m getting from my readers is overwhelming and it continues to motivate me to write more and more. But you never know, where one would be after a long span of ten years. I may continue to write or I may not, I can’t say. But of course, I absolutely love to pen down my thoughts and those moments are indeed heavenly when I realize that I’ve created something totally out of this world. But I won’t deny that sometimes I start feeling lonely when I write as it requires total concentration and devotion. And I’ve always been a very bubbly and outgoing kind of person. I want to surround myself with people and be on the run but for writing, I’ve to sit all alone for hours on end. Still, writing is the only art which gratifies my soul like nothing else as it gives me a way to share my deepest thoughts not only with the world but with my own conscious self too. There are so many things lying dormant in my soul which awaken only when I hold a pen in my hand. And self-expression is extremely crucial for me to live a healthy life. So, all in all, I think that I’d continue to write throughout my life as this is the only way to give wings to my hidden desires about which even I don’t know. And you won’t believe how ecstatic it is to see my books lying next to my favorite writers like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks and John Donne in the various book shops and book fairs. And ten years from now, I really wish to see more of my books in the bookstands. Amen.

LiFT: How much do you think marketing or quality of a book is necessary to promote a particular book and increase its readers?

Tanu: See… the first and the foremost thing which attracts a reader is the title, blurb and the cover of the book. But before that, there has to be some awareness in the market about the book which can only be spread through assorted promotions and marketing. And the saddest part is that what’s written inside comes in the last. Even if the storyline is amazing and written in the best of styles, the people would not buy it unless and until there is a hype about the book. The name recognition of the book and the author is extremely significant if the writer wants to be heard. If there is talk of only one particular book everywhere in town and on social media, the interest of all the book lovers would definitely be piqued and the number of readers would undoubtedly skyrocket.

LiFT: What is the message you want to spread among folks with your writings?

Tanu: Well… all I want to do is to scatter the beams of love everywhere in the world. Love is such a powerful emotion but there are many people in this world who can’t express what they feel, either out of reticence, or out of an inability to put their feelings in appropriate words. So my poetry is a voice to all those souls who want to express themselves fully and my novels are a lesson for all those scared souls who give up on their soul mates due to the hindrances they face. Love comes, but once a lifetime. One should never let it flee. By expressing it fully to the loved one, the bond becomes stronger and everlasting. And by staying together in every birth, the lovers attain true bliss which should definitely not be sacrificed owing to any sort of predicaments and societal pressures. One must fight for one’s love, if need be.  Never ever give up on the one you love, even if the world turns upside down. Of course, it’s not necessary that there wouldn’t be a separation between soul mates, but the separation would be over only if you try. Do good actions and don’t hurt anyone, for whatever we give undoubtedly comes back to us. Never indulge in backbiting about someone’s love life or be a part of any conspiracy to separate true lovers as it’s aftermath would destroy your life forever. Every action in one’s life must be done with love and gratitude if one wants one’s life to overflow with the sweet nectar of love and happiness. And most importantly, everybody ought to remember that true love happens only once, not in a lifetime but in all lifetimes. Yes, it’s true. We all have one soul mate who travels with us from birth to birth and when you find him – love him, cherish him, pamper him, treasure him and worship him with every bit of your heart and soul, but never let him go. Never! Yet there’s no denying that each soul has to go through its own special journey and learn many lessons on the way. So sometimes the timing of attaining the spiritual goals of the soul mates doesn’t match with each other, and therefore they have to go through a breach but a time definitely comes when they realize that they are made for each other and no other soul can understand their inner longings and satiate their need of complete, pure love.

LiFT: What do you do apart from writing?

Tanu: I’m an English Language Educator and a Happiness Mentor as well. So most of my time is spent in coaching people which I really enjoy. The love and regard which my students give me is quite important for me to function normally. My heart leaps up in immense ecstasy whenever my students applaud me for my efforts. Be it English or happiness skills, I teach everything from the bottom of my heart. And I don’t give up on my students unless and until they learn everything they need to. And as far as my leisure activities are concerned, listening to romantic music while strolling around in Nature is my favorite pastime. Additionally, I am quite passionate about travelling, especially to religious destinations. Gaining all the knowledge about the secret temples where so many miracles have happened in the ancient times fascinates me beyond compare. And I really, really love to spend most of my time with God – praying, meditating and discussing my innermost thoughts and desires with him as he’s my best friend and he takes wonderful care of me on every road of life.

LiFT: What are the activities you resort to when you face a writer’s block?

Tanu: There are days in everybody’s life when one doesn’t feel like doing anything. In writing, we have just named it as writer’s block and made it all the more frightening (giggles). No, don’t you think so? Haven’t you ever felt like not doing anything and just lying down in bed all day watching movies and munching popcorn? Well… in my case, gobbling ice cream! (laughs again) Huh! Yes, that’s what I do when I don’t want to do any work. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been in love with romantic, fairytale kind of movies and lip-smacking fruit-laden sundaes; and even now that’s the only thing I choose to do to gain my sanity back. Though on a more serious note, I take respite in Nature to beat the blues of not being able to concentrate and think clearly. I go for long early-morning and late-night walks. I love the moon, and the stars, and the sky. The fragrant breeze rejuvenates me and the moonbeams saturate me in immense serenity. My heart abounds with delight whenever I listen to the melodious chirpings of the birds at the break of the day. And the rising sun rejuvenates me beyond measure. The squirrels jumping here and there make me want to play with them and yes, I do run after them like a little child (giggles). And then, I talk to the birds and kiss the flowers. Their fragrance makes my day. It’s really incredible how Nature heals my every cell. The best moments of my life are spent in Nature’s lap. And you won’t believe that the best ideas of my life have also struck me only during those times when I’m one with Nature, and whenever I’m one with God. I’m a very religious and spiritual person. I see God in Nature and my God is always there to help me whenever I’m stuck in any dilemma.

LiFT: What if your story will be adopted as a movie? Whom would you want to work as a director or actors in it?

Tanu: Oh wow! Just imagining such a scenario is making my heart flutter! Indeed, I would be most delighted if ever my novel strikes the big cinemas and I’m fortunate enough to behold people throng outside the theatres to watch it. How amazing it would be! With Hollywood stars acting in it, the novel would definitely become extremely famous. As ‘Could Love be Forever?’ is set in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, I would definitely prefer it to be made in English with Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie in the main leads and it would be an honor if James Cameron directed it as I love the way he directed Titanic, one of my favorite movies.

LiFT: Are you working on your next book? If yes, please tell us something about it.

Tanu: It’s a pleasure to share with you that my next novel is already in the publishing process. Again, it’s a romance which glorifies love – eternal, immortal and unconditional love. It reveals the story of two lovers who got separated fifteen years ago but have now met again owing to the terror of the pandemic. Undoubtedly, their love sparks again but they struggle hard to unite with each other as both of them are scared to have an extra-marital affair and be disloyal to their spouses. And the sins of their past birth also come forth to haunt their love life. Now how will they overcome all this? Will they have a secret affair? Will they deceive their partners? Or will they bury their love deep inside their hearts and live a life of compromise and melancholy?  Well… to know more, we’ll have to wait for the novel to release (smiles). This upcoming novel poses a question to the society inquiring why love is considered a sin when actually it is the most beautiful of all emotions. Why can’t a person love the one he wants? Why exactly is the society against lovers? Why don’t people let lovers live in peace? Why can’t two people go out and have fun just the way they want? And why can’t married people search for their soul mate? If a person gets married, why can’t he still fall in love? If a person’s needs are not being fulfilled in the present relationship, he should be allowed to be contented in life by going out and finding someone who would soothe his soul and make his life blissful. He’s also human. And humans have hearts which are made to love and the deepest desire of every human being is to be loved back and be appreciated for who he is. One should be free to do what one’s heart desires. If one likes someone’s company, one should not be restricted from spending time with that person. Why give him stress? And shorten his life. Its high-time that our society stopped poking its nose in every person’s private matter and became more liberal in the matters of the heart.

LiFT: What are your suggestions to the budding writers/poets so that they could improve their writing skills?

Tanu: I’d just say that one must write from one’s heart and should never try to follow the popular writers as everyone has his own uniqueness. Moreover, copying the style of others results only in shabby duplicity which no one likes to read. But yes, everybody appreciates freshness of ideas and thoughts. And a lively story can be brought out into the world only if the writer feels every pain and every single joy of his characters as his own. Human life is filled with emotions and those emotions need to be captured in every writing so that the readers can relate to the characters and remain actively involved in the storyline. Next, editing is extremely important and all the useless chatter and monotonous incidents must be removed. Also, the grammatical errors must be taken care of dexterously. Apart from all this, a writer always needs to be motivated to write. Many writers start enthusiastically but they lose their exuberance and the will to finish their work as time passes by. Their own inner voice becomes their worst enemy and lends them a million excuses for not completing their work. Hesitation, lack of ideas, monotony of sitting alone, indiscipline and unhealthy sedentary lifestyle doesn’t let them concentrate and they stop making consistent efforts which are so much required to climb the ladder of success in every sphere of life. The truly extraordinary people are those who don’t stop until and unless they finish what they are doing. Just keep writing every single day with a divine energy. Take refreshing breaks in between and keep your mind stress free so that new ideas never stop pouring in. Spend time in Nature and meditate daily.

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