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Shree Shambhav is a multi-talented individual who excels as an author, philanthropist, life coach, and entrepreneur. His expertise extends to various technical papers, books, and blogs, showcasing his versatile writing skills. Shambhav’s writing journey began with his acclaimed book “Journey of Soul Karma,” through which he shares profound insights drawn from his diverse experiences and contemplations. His literary contributions have been recognised with multiple prestigious awards in the literature. In this interview, we delve deeper into Shree Shambhav’s remarkable achievements and explore his unique perspectives.

Shree Shambav’s aspiration to make the world a better place has found expression through the Shree Shambav Ayur Rakshita Foundation. This organisation is devoted to empowering individuals, regardless of their gender, race, or nationality, to embrace life’s beauty. Through a commitment to inclusive growth and coexistence, the foundation’s compassionate initiatives nurture inner transformation, personal growth, and spiritual healing. Additionally, the Shree Shambav Green Movement, a part of their mission, strives to instil environmental awareness for a healthier and cleaner planet. Furthermore, Shree Shambav’s dedication to empowering the younger generation is exemplified through the Shree Shambav Vidya Vedhika, also known as Vizhuthugal, which offers training and support to students and children.

LiFT: Tell us about your book, the journey of writing it and its content.

Shree Shambhav: “Journey of Soul–Karma” is an impassioned and deliberate quest to uncover the mysteries of existence and the human experience in our current world, which is fraught with many obstacles, controversies, discrepancies, disparities, prejudices, and struggles that afflict humanity. We often hide the truth we seek from our sight and seem to elude us.

Life is changing at the speed of consciousness, awareness, and change, and man no longer confines or accepts destiny; but applies his potential mind to question the complexities of life and the causes raise a situation with the feeling of anguish. There is something ever called good or bad? All those complications of life are an enigma; all queries are answered and cleared. Once we understand the “Karma Siddhantha – the essence and purpose of life.”

Every human wondering, “Why am I suffering?” Why should I? I have completed all of my good deeds in my life… The search continues to the extreme, with the question, “Why do we ever exist here on this earth?”

In this catastrophe or tribulation – “What am I supposed to do or react? Why are we born in a particular and exceptional condition and situation? Why are there diverse states like poor, wealthy, healthy, unhealthy, wicked, or virtuous beings?”

The verdict for all different superficial and impermanent questions, the Doctrine of Karma, gives us some good understanding and interpretation of pain and pleasure. If we perform any action, it will end up either as good or evil actions with a well-understood reason, regarding why the ordinance in the “life of beings.” Now raise a situation with the feeling of anguish. There is something ever called good or bad? All those complications of life are an enigma; all queries are answered and cleared. Once we understand the “Karma Siddhantha – the essence and purpose of life.”

The keyword here is “why,” as in “Why do we feel pleasure?” “Why do we have to endure pain?” Most of our problems will be solved and answered if we can find answers to these “whys.” Henceforth, a widely pondered over the question of certain destinies, though quiescent and concealed for myriad reasons, is quoted:

‘Why?’ – Shri Sudama, a friend of Shri Krishna, inquired; we, Shri Krishna, and I, the two students of the same Guru (Master), He (Shri Krishna) became the King of this Earth, while I possess nothing, barely anything, even to eat for survival. Now, raise a situation with the feeling of anguish. There is something ever called good or bad? All those complications of life are an enigma; all queries are answered and cleared. Once we understand the “Karma Siddhantha – the essence and purpose of life.”

The verdict for all these different superficial and impermanent questions and interpretation of pain and pleasure – the Doctrine of Karma gives us some good understanding.

A Testimonial for Journey of Soul – Karma
“When you were born, you cried while the rest of the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world weeps and you rejoice.” This profound quote captures the essence of the book, which offers a simple and easily understandable guide to living a happy life.
The “Journey of Soul” provides an intricate examination of various spiritual concepts. These include Karma, which is thoroughly explained precisely, as well as Kriya, which pertains to actions or deeds that are directed towards a particular goal. Adhyayanam is another concept discussed in the book, which involves the practice of connecting with one’s inner self. Roopena (Ananta-avyakta-rupeṇa) pertains to the creation of a form with the blessings of the highest and unmanifested form, while Medhase (akunṭha-medhase) refers to aiding the form in acquiring Jnana or knowledge that remains unaffected by external factors. Finally, the book also explores the act of Abhyudaya, which involves undertaking actions with sincerity and faith, leading to one’s success and elevation.
In this insightful book, the author deftly demystifies complex spiritual concepts, making them accessible and easy to understand for readers of all backgrounds. Through over a hundred heartfelt pieces of advice, the author guides readers on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, showing them how to connect with their inner selves and live a life of meaning and joy. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your spiritual understanding or simply looking for practical tools to improve your life, “Journey of Soul” is a must-read for anyone who wants to unlock their full potential and find lasting happiness.

LiFT: Why you chose this title?

Shree Shambhav: The choice of the title, “The Journey of the Soul – Karma,” is deeply rooted in the profound wisdom of ancient sages. They imparted to us the profound insight that the intricate cycle of birth and death is inexorably entwined with the intricate threads of Prarabdha Karma. This concept underscores that to cleanse and purify our Karma, we willingly take on a new physical form, inhabiting a corporeal vessel known as Deha. When the destined Karma is fulfilled, we gracefully shed our mortal coil. This cyclical journey continues until we awaken to our inherent divine essence, recognizing our inherent unity with the supreme consciousness and experiencing the boundless bliss that permeates the entirety of creation.

This book stands as a sincere and dedicated effort to dispel the veils of ambiguity that shroud the enigmatic riddles carried by each of us. Within its pages, Shree Shambav unravels the intricate and esoteric concepts of the body (Deha), the soul (Atma), and the intricate interplay that exists between them (Sambandha).

Within these pages, the reader will also find methods and insights into mastering the mind. These techniques aim to transform the mind into a supple instrument, capable of transcending the limitations of physical consciousness. It is through this transformation that a glimpse of the ultimate truth becomes attainable—an absolute reality that awaits us all. By mastering our thoughts and emotions, we prepare ourselves for this sacred journey with serenity and clarity of vision, liberating ourselves from the illusions that bind us to the material world. It is a journey in pursuit of “The Absolute Truth.”

LiFT: When did you realize that you want to be a writer and what’s your inspiration behind it?

Shree Shambhav: Shree Shambav’s life once raced in the relentless corporate world, where time never seemed to pause. Yet, that frenetic pace came to a screeching halt when he experienced a profound loss—a loss that struck at the core of his being. In the wake of this personal tragedy, something within him began to shift. He started seeing the world with new eyes, eyes that could discern a deeper purpose in life beyond the confines of ambition and success.

As the days unfolded, a heightened sensitivity to the pain and suffering of all living beings started to consume his heart. The anguish he felt when witnessing harm or cruelty inflicted upon any creature was no longer bearable. It was as though a veil had been lifted, revealing the interconnectedness of all life.

In his quest to share this newfound perspective with the world, Shree Shambav explored various avenues. He engaged in numerous conversations, trying to convey the message of empathy and compassion. But it was on a particular day, a day when determination crystallised within him, that he decided to wield the power of words.

His first literary venture, “Journey of Soul – Karma,” emerged as a testament to his awakening. This book became a vehicle for the profound insights he had gathered along his path of self-discovery. And thus, the journey of a writer was born.

Subsequently, Shree Shambav continued to pour his heart and soul into his writing, birthing “Twenty + One Series I and II” and “Life Changing Journey – 365 Inspirational Quotes.” Each creation was an attempt to illuminate the way forward, to inspire introspection, and to kindle the flame of positive change in the hearts of readers.

In the world of words, Shree Shambav found not only solace but also a powerful means to share the profound truths he had unearthed about the human experience, the interconnectedness of all life, and the potential for transformative growth. His writing became a channel for his deepest emotions, a vessel to stir hearts, and a beacon of hope in a world often fraught with challenges.
The impact of his formative years…

During his formative years, Shree Shambav found solace in the serene woods, where he would lose himself in the company of delicate flowers and colourful butterflies, chasing kites and dragonflies, and amusing himself with the touch-me-nots. Though he had a deep-seated fear of scorpions and reptiles, he couldn’t resist playing under the pouring rain, croaking like a frog and cooing like a cuckoo, while feeding the sparrows, crows, and other feathered friends.

He spent endless hours basking under the radiant sun and developed a fascination for the nocturnal creatures and the enigmatic stars, often listening to tales of the moon and darkness. His exuberance and carefree spirit led him to soil his clothes after long days of play. As he fully immersed himself in nature, it became his mentor, and its influence shines brightly in his Twenty + One Series and Life-Changing Journey.

Shree Shambav was blessed with a diverse group of mentors who played a pivotal role in shaping his creative journey. His second mentors were the loving individuals who surrounded him – parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, family members and neighbours – all of whom regaled him with endless moral stories, retellings of ancient epics like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas, and the profound wisdom of the Upanishads. They even provided him with a platform to showcase his talent by performing awe-inspiring Puranic tales and never failed to encourage him along the way.
And then came his third mentors – the gifted artists, writers, and translators who illuminated his path with their works of wonder. Their inspiration enlivened him, and they helped him comprehend the intricacies of deeper dimensions with their boundless creativity and accessibility. Together, these mentors instilled in Shree Shambav a passion for creativity and a deep reverence for the arts that would fuel his own masterpieces, like the Journey of soul – Karma and Twenty + One Series, many more for years to come.

LiFT: Where do you see yourself ten years down the line in the world of literature?

Shree Shambhav: In the realm of literature, Shree Shambav envisions on a path of continual growth and broadening of creative horizons. A decade from now, aspirations include:

Becoming a Prolific Author: Shree Shambav aspires to have created a wide range of works, from fiction and nonfiction to poetry. Shree Shambav may even travel into unknown narrative territory. Each essay will cover a wide range of topics, from personal development to societal concerns, spirituality to science fiction, ensuring readers are exposed to a wide spectrum of ideas and feelings.

Establishing a Recognizable Presence: Shree Shambav aspires to be a distinct voice in the literary environment. Shree Shambav anticipates a growing readership and a group of devoted followers who identify with his writing and value the depth and emotion woven into it.

Championing Positive Change: Shree Shambav aspires to the writing to transcend mere entertainment and inspiration. It should serve as a catalyst for positive societal transformation. Whether by confronting pressing social issues, championing environmental awareness, or nurturing empathy and compassion, the literary works aim to contribute constructively to a better world.
Embracing Innovative Storytelling: The world of literature continually evolves, and Shree Shambav is enthusiastic about embracing new forms and mediums of storytelling, whether through multimedia projects, interactive narratives, or collaborative ventures. Staying at the forefront of innovative storytelling is their goal.

Mentoring and Guiding Emerging Talent: Shree Shambav hopes to mentor and guide new writers as they gain expertise and insights. They look forward to sharing their knowledge, offering assistance, and assisting others in navigating the complexities of the writing and publishing world.
Achieving an International Reach: Shree Shambav’s literary creations aim to reach people all across the world, transcending geographical and cultural borders. The universality of emotions and themes in the literature allows for a truly global audience.

Receiving Recognition and Awards: While awards aren’t the sole measure of success, Shree Shambav hopes that his writing garners recognition for its impact, creativity, and contributions to the literary world.

Cultivating a Diverse Portfolio: Shree Shambav intends to diversify his literary portfolio over time by experimenting with different writing styles, genres, and topic matters. This variety will ensure that his work remains new and engaging for their audience.

Remaining a Lifelong Learner: Shree Shambav regards himself as a lifelong learner in the ever-changing literary scene. Always be eager to evolve and adapt, whether learning new writing approaches, delving into foreign cultures and perspectives, or researching rising literary trends.
Serving as a Source of Inspiration: Ultimately, Shree Shambav hopes that his literary path may encourage those who strive to leave their mark in the world of words. He hopes to inspire budding authors to pursue their dreams with unflinching determination, authenticity, and a deep faith in the transformational power of writing.

In essence, Shree Shambav visualises as a writer who continues to evolve, inspire, and make positive contributions to the world through the written word.

LiFT: How much do you think marketing or quality of a book is necessary to promote a particular book and increase its readers?

Shree Shambhav: The Odyssey of Authentic Expression: Navigating the Enigma of Balancing Artistry and Commerce

“Authentic writing is the truest reflection of the soul’s whispers, where words flow from the heart, unfiltered and sincere, creating a bridge between writer and reader, forging connections that transcend time and space.” – Shree Shambav

“In the realm of literature, where words pirouette like ethereal fireflies in the tender arms of twilight, the pursuit of sales casts a solemn shadow over the sanctity of authentic writing.” It’s as if the delicate dance of writing, the heartbeats of stories, are temporarily clouded by the pressing demands of commerce, dimming the brilliance of artistic integrity.”

The wordsmiths, who etch tales from the chasms of their souls, should ideally be untouched by the calculating metronome of sales targets and marketing strategies. Yet, in the ever-evolving landscape of the literary world, the symbiotic relationship between creativity and commerce has become both a compelling enigma and a pressing concern.

“Authentic writing is akin to an artisan’s brushstrokes on a canvas – raw, vivid, and untamed.”
Just as a painter dares to dip their brush into the untouched hues of their soul, the authentic writer fearlessly dips their pen into the wellspring of their emotions. With each stroke, like a masterful brushstroke, they create a tapestry of words that mirrors the kaleidoscope of human experience. Every phrase becomes a stroke of colour, vividly portraying emotions, thoughts, and stories, and every sentence is a brushstroke in the grand mural of their narrative. Just as the painter’s brush leaves an indelible mark on the canvas, the writer’s words etch themselves into the reader’s heart, creating an artwork of emotions and ideas that is as raw and untamed as the creative spirit itself.
Writers weave tapestries of thought, threads of emotion, and mirrors into the human psyche. These words reflect the kaleidoscope of life’s intricacies – the symphony of joy, the spectrum of love, and the chiaroscuro of pain. But, as ink seeps into paper, a question arises: Can the sanctity of artistic expression be preserved while navigating the currents of commercialism?

The challenge rests in harmonising authentic creation with the need for sales. When writers succumb to market dictates and trends, their creativity risks metamorphosing into a captive bird, yearning for the skies of freedom. Authenticity thrives when writers courageously embrace their individuality, even as the spectre of potential financial setbacks lurks in the shadows. The greatest literary works have always emerged from the depths of the human experience, rather than from the confines of a sales strategy.

Nurturing Authenticity Amid the Mercantile Wave

So, how can authentic writers traverse the turbulent waters of generating sales without forsaking the very essence of their craft? The key lies in finding a harmonious interplay between artistry and pragmatism. Writers can engage with readers on social media platforms, sharing insights into their creative process, and fostering a deeper connection that extends beyond the pages of their books. Collaborations with illustrators, designers, and other artists can also bring a visual dimension to their work, enticing readers on both artistic and emotional levels.

Authors can align with publishers who value creative integrity and long-term growth over fleeting profits. Investing in building a loyal readership over time can lead to sustainable sales and word-of-mouth recommendations, both of which stem from the authenticity of the writing itself.

Conclusion: Where Ink Conjures Souls and Sales Follow

Within the grand tapestry of literature, the marriage of authenticity and sales may seem like an improbable alchemy. However, this alliance, when approached with intention and mindfulness, births literary treasures that transcend time, echoing within the chambers of hearts across epochs. The challenge remains, countless others shine as luminous reminders that the heart of authentic writing resonates most profoundly when it embraces not just the quest for sales, but the yearning to touch lives, leaving an ineffable mark upon the expanse of the literary universe.

LiFT: What is the message you want to spread among folks with your writings?

Shree Shambhav: The literary journey of Shree Shambav.

In the mind of Shree Shambav, literature holds the key to unlocking new realms and viewpoints, expanding our understanding of self and society. Throughout history, literature has served as a guiding force in shaping our shared culture, imbuing it with cherished values and beliefs. With conviction, Shree Shambav recognises the significance of representation and inclusivity in the realm of storytelling, acknowledging the power of diversity in the literature to create a more equitable world. As an ardent believer in the transformative potential of literature, Shree Shambav notes its capacity to inspire action and kindle social movements, resulting in sweeping, positive change for humanity.

With a deep reverence for the written word, Shree Shambav understands that literature is not just a means of entertainment or education, but a means of cultivating empathy and understanding among all peoples. Through the simple act of reading, we can journey into the lives of others, grasping the experiences and perspectives that we might not otherwise encounter. By allowing ourselves to be drawn into these stories, we can create a bridge of compassion and connection between ourselves and our fellow human beings. And as we come to recognise and honour the diverse voices and stories within literature, we also come to see the powerful role it plays in driving positive change in our world, inspiring movements and uplifting communities towards a brighter future.

LiFT: What do you do apart from writing?

Shree Shambhav: Shree Shambav’s aspiration to make the world a better place has found expression through the Shree Shambav Ayur Rakshita Foundation. This organisation is devoted to empowering individuals, regardless of their gender, race, or nationality, to embrace life’s beauty. Through a commitment to inclusive growth and coexistence, the foundation’s compassionate initiatives nurture inner transformation, personal growth, and spiritual healing. Additionally, the Shree Shambav Green Movement, a part of their mission, strives to instil environmental awareness for a healthier and cleaner planet. Furthermore, Shree Shambav’s dedication to empowering the younger generation is exemplified through the Shree Shambav Vidya Vedhika, also known as Vizhuthugal, which offers training and support to students and children.

LiFT: What are the activities you resort to when you face a writer’s block?

Shree Shambhav: Shree Shambav understands that writer’s block is a common challenge, and it’s perfectly normal to encounter it from time to time. He believes in adopting various strategies to overcome this creative hurdle. Here are some of his proven techniques:

Taking Breaks: Shree Shambav knows the value of stepping away from writing for a while. Whether it’s a short walk, a session of meditation, or simply indulging in music, these breaks help clear the mind and rejuvenate creativity.

Changing the Environment: To gain a fresh perspective, Shree Shambav often changes his writing environment. While he prefers a quiet room for focused writing, he occasionally takes a break by visiting his farmland, estates, going on a long drive, or immersing himself in an entirely different setting.

Freewriting: Shree Shambav finds inspiration in scribbling his thoughts while traveling. Many of his creative ideas, including poetry, quotes, and short stories, stem from diverse experiences and scenarios encountered during his journeys.

Setting Small Goals: Shree Shambav believes in breaking down larger writing projects into manageable tasks with specific timelines. Achieving these smaller milestones provides a sense of accomplishment and serves as motivation to keep going.

Exploring Different Writing Tools and Prompts: Shree Shambav starts his creative process by jotting down thoughts in a notepad. These initial scribbles are then transformed into stories, quotes, or poetry, which are later refined into polished copies using word processing software.
Research: When faced with writer’s block on a particular topic, Shree Shambav dives into research, meditation, and even travels to locations related to the subject matter. This deeper understanding often sparks new ideas and perspectives.

Editing and Revising: Shree Shambav emphasises the importance of editing and revising content multiple times. This process not only allows for refining and perfecting what has been written but also opens doors to greater creativity and improvement.

LiFT: Are you working on your next book? If yes, please tell us something about it.

Shree Shambhav: Shree Shambav’s writing spans various genres, including short stories, anthologies, self-help, spirituality, and technical literature. Anticipated publications by the author encompass:
“Death – Light of Life and Shadow of Death”
“OPTIMUM – Python Ultimate Series.”

LiFT: What are your suggestions to the budding writers/poets so that they could improve their writing skills?

Shree Shambhav: Shree Shambav believes…

“Write frequently, read widely, and embrace feedback and criticism.” With a focus on clear and concise storytelling, Shree Shambav highlights that writing is a journey of growth and development that requires continuous dedication and effort. He inspires writers to take bold risks and experiment without fear, believing that it is through this process that they will discover their unique voice and achieve their full potential as writers.

Journey to a faraway land

“Indulging in literature is akin to setting off on a journey to a distant land. As it expands our horizons, dares us to question our preconceptions, and enhances our perception of the world. It is a gateway into the human psyche, granting us access to the pleasures, adversities, and intricacies of the human condition.” – Shree Shambav.

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