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  Someone welcomes a morning Clad in fog, cold and crisp… While you sleep… A steaming cup of coffee Loses its warmth before someone sips… While you sleep… Your thoughts cross a mind Through countless worries a smile but slips While you sleep… Someone plans to join you In your dreams, on some joyous trips […]

I Listen Love

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I listen love, Chanting a silent prayer Waiting to be heard… I listen love, A trail of silence… Being her only words.. I listen love, Wrapped in hiccups A name but slurred… I listen love, In a drop of tear And a vision going blurred… I listen love, In the beatings of heart With a […]

A Cupid’s Tale

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‘Oh my dear Cupid, When will I find my mate?’ ‘Oh my dear Cupid, When will you change my fate?’ ‘Am I not worthy of love?’ ‘Don’t you care for me at all?’ ‘If you are the real Cupid, Why do make my heart stall?’ ‘Just remember, oh Cupid, If you don’t find me a […]

Live, because LIFE is worth living

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All alone I sit Brushing my only tooth Caressing it with care Delaying the inevitable truth Everything has left me slowly Filled my life with void Greedily I stay Holding the death behind It’s not like I ain’t tired Journey just keeps getting tough Kidney has failed, stomach complains Legs can’t handle the road rough […]