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Deepika Namjoshi

About Deepika Namjoshi

Deepika Namjoshi is an author from a small town. She started her journey of writing through the book titles “Panchtatva: The Story of Superheroes”. Now a days children are only spending their time in tv/mobile for that particular reason she wrote this book.

LiFT: Tell us about your book, the journey of writing it and its content?

Deepika Namjoshi: This book is only for children. TV and Mobiles are taking place of books. By watching videos, the ability of thinking gets effected. That is why I have written a visual (comics) book that gives your kid the ability to think and grow.

LiFT: Why you chose this title?

Deepika Namjoshi: Panchtatva is the story of young children around us, where their superpower is that they can do anything. But in actual world children can do anything without supernatural power and these children are formed together by these five elements called Panchtatva.

LiFT: When did you realize that you want to be a writer and what’s your inspiration behind it?

Deepika Namjoshi: When I realized that mobile/ tv is controlling children’s mental health.

LiFT: Where do you see yourself ten years down the line in the world of literature?

Deepika Namjoshi: It’s a long race. My journey has yet started 🙂

LiFT: How much do you think marketing or quality of a book is necessary to promote a particular book and increase its readers?

Deepika Namjoshi: It’s absolutely important to promote anything.

LiFT: What is the message you want to spread among folks with your writings?

Deepika Namjoshi: Don’t be a “gulaam” of mobile/tv. Be in real world and read, and only read it will unlock you dimaag ke taale.

LiFT: What do you do apart from writing?

Deepika Namjoshi: I am a voice over artist.

LiFT: What are the activities you resort to when you face a writer’s block?

Deepika Namjoshi: Try to spread awareness about the environment.

LiFT: What if your story will be adopted as a movie? Whom would you want to work as a director or actors in it?

Deepika Namjoshi: I want this story should adopted by directors of cartoon series.
That will help and motivate children for environmental awareness.

LiFT: Are you working on your next book? If yes, please tell us something about it.

Deepika Namjoshi: That will be the next adventurous journey of panchtatva group.

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2 thoughts on “In Conversation with Deepika Namjoshi

  1. I read the book its superb interesting and i really enjoyed … waiting for more parts … i liked the way auther represented it

  2. Got my copy today.. looks promising.
    Author has set the tone perfectly.. looking forward to finish it.
    Love ❤️

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