Best Hindi Book Publishers in India

Best Hindi Book Publishers in India

Most of the Indians use Hindi as their primary language on daily basis. Believe it or not, even India’s top politicians and bureaucrats use Hindi for their public speeches and official paperwork. When it comes to Indian Literature, it is rich with books in Hindi written by famous poets and writers that are being read even after centuries of their first publication.

The challenge that Hindi writers and poets face today is finding a good publisher. To help such amazing writers and poets, we have carefully curated a list of Best Hindi Book Publishers in India.

Damick Publications: Since its inception, Damick Publications has been publishing Books in English, Hindi and Sanskrit Languages along with some regional languages like Marathi. They carefully publish each and every script by maintaining the standard of the language. They also guide the authors about how to market and make the book visible to the target audience. If your script is well written and is typed properly, Damick Publications is one of the best Hindi Book Publishers in India.

Garuda Books: Garuda Prakashan publishes books in English and Hindi language. This company was launched as a project that claimed to further the narratives of Indian civilization and cast off the shackles of ‘colonized minds.’ Over the last few years, Garuda Prakashan has made a name for itself for publishing the writings of a certain school of nationalism towards this same aim.

Katha: Katha is an organization dedicated to encourage reading habits in children. They served over 2000 slum communities and have partnered with over 1500 schools across the country.

Kitabghar Prakashan: Kitabghar is a well-established Hindi Book Publisher in India. It was founded 1968 and has its head office in Delhi.

Manjul Publishing House: Manjul publishing house is an independent publishing house. Based in Bhopal. Apart from publishing books in a range of languages, they are known for the quality translation of world literature in Indian languages like Hindi.

New Saraswati House: New Saraswati House mainly deals with textbooks and other academic material for higher studies in Hindi. One of its branches is mainly dedicated to publish educational & academic work in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Niyogi Books: Niyogi Books publishes nonfiction books, fiction books, illustrated books, and translations. They prefer publishing books that have global appeal and strong connection with India.

Prabhat Prakashan: With over sixty years of experience in publishing, Prabhat Prakashan is one of the leading Hindi Book publishers in India for both fiction and nonfiction. This publishing company is well known for being the first Indian publishers to make Hindi translations of Russian classics available at reasonable rates. These included the works of Chekhov and Tolstoy.

Pratham Books: Being a not-for-profit publisher, Pratham Books largely focuses on publishing high quality creative literature for children. They aim at fixing the education deficit across the country through quality books.

Purushottam Publishers: Purushottam Publishers is headquartered in West Bengal. They mainly publish textbooks and academic books. They also publish Hindi books.

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Rajkamal Prakahan: Rajkamal Prakashan is one of the most famous Hindi Book Publishers in India. More than seven decades old, this house publishes several hundred books every year. After merging with Lokbharti Prakashan and Radhakrishna Prakashan, the giants in Hindi publishing Industry, Rajkamal Prakashan emerged as the single largest company in the sector.

Rawat Publications: Rawat Publications publishes academic work like textbooks for higher education in the Social Sciences. However, they also publish books in Hindi.

Vani Prakashan: Being one of the well-established Hindi Book Publishers, Vani Prakashan has received the highest award in the Indian publishing world i.e., Swarn Kamal. Vani Prakashan is well recognized for its cultural and literary contributions to the society.

Vikas Publications: Vikas Publications largely focuses on academic material. Distinguished professors from various institutions in India have published their Hindi books with Vikas Publications.

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