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Sonia Dharni Koshy

About Sonia Dharni Koshy

Sonia Dharni Koshy is an emerging writer. She has a passion for crafting thought provoking stories that would inspire her readers. Her journey began at an early age, filling notebooks with imaginative tales and vividly described characters. She has a fascination for authentic and contemporary storytelling. Her work often explores the intricacies of human relationships weaving through the tapestry of culture within the Indian context. Growing up as an army kid, Sonia has been influenced by local stories shared first hand, from the micro-cities of India. Born in a multicultural home, she has experienced the intricate nuances of cultural fears, differences and celebratory moments which can be seen in her stories and poems. Her writings often exhibit the themes of identity and belonging showcasing her ability to develop narratives through the magic of every-day life. Having worked with Zee Telefilms Ltd. in the city of Mumbai, Sonia now lives in Bangalore with her family, following her passion by capturing the complexities of life through her writing skills.

LiFT: Tell us about the theme of the anthology and how did you get to know about it?

Sonia Dharni Koshy: The theme of the anthology ‘Threads of Words’, conveys the idea of a connected and continuous flow of language and expression. The imagery captures a seamless progression of metaphors linked to each story shared. This in-turn adds consistency to the tone and style of the narratives.
I have been writing short stories and poems published by Damick publications, for a while now. I was introduced to them by a friend and find them extremely competent at the marketplace.

LiFT: What inspired you to write for this particular anthology?

Sonia Dharni Koshy: The theme of this anthology resonates with me. I have always believed that different narrative techniques broadens one’s literary horizons. There is tremendous learning with discovering one’s unique voice within a particular genre. Threads of words seemed like a canvas where I could write a narrative through word building.

LiFT: Where do you see yourself ten years down the line in the world of literature?

Sonia Dharni Koshy: Ten years from now I would like to see myself with a solid portfolio with a variety of genres added to my bouquet. A loyal readership base is what I seek to establish myself as a relatable author. I would love to see my stories being adapted to other mediums like films and podcasts, thereby reaching a wider audience. It has been a desire to contribute to a lasting legacy so that these stories could educate and entertain its readers! I would like to make a difference with compelling narratives, through the art of story-telling.

LiFT: What do you do apart from writing?

Sonia Dharni Koshy: Having worked in the advertising and television industry in the initial days of my career, I have now shifted gears. I teach social work courses in a college, close by. These courses are a part of a broader curriculum aimed at training individuals to support and advocate the diversity of various needs. I believe community building is important for any nation to thrive. Those of us who have had the privilege to study must make a difference that benefits all.

LiFT: What if your readers demand you to convert your short story into a full fledged novel? Would you do that?

Sonia Dharni Koshy: Certainly. As I have mentioned before I would love to have my short stories adapted on any wider platform, be it a novel a film or a podcast. Reaching a broader audience with the intention of creating an imagery that would translate into a compelling narrative is something that excites me.

LiFT: Are you working on your own book? If yes, please tell us something about it.

Sonia Dharni Koshy: Yes I am working on two books. The first one is putting together all the short stories written by me, into one book. The second is a novel about an urban family that deals with love, jealousy, loss and the hiccups of climbing up the social ladder defined by caste and religion. The story has been inspired by my travels In the northeastern region of India. The rest will be shared when I am done with writing.

LiFT: What are your suggestions to the budding writers/poets so that they could improve their writing skills?

Sonia Dharni Koshy: Writing involves passion. As writers we should be able to enjoy the process of creating and expressing oneself through words. It is important to continually work on developing ones craft. The plot structure, development of characters, dialogues and the other elements of storytelling need to be worked on. Editing is crucial to storytelling. We must not be afraid of seeking feedback since many times genuine criticism helps. I also believe that a writer needs to experiment with different genres till they discover their unique voice thereby broadening their literary horizons and leaving a mark.

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