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Current mood: ‘Why can’t I just die?’

And guess what book has pushed me into this state? It’s a book that has made every one of the readers to have shed tears and carry heaviness in their heart for days; a book which has also made the non-readers give it a try because of the hilarious hangover of the bookworms.

Today I am here to share you what I have felt after reading (re-reading) the book, “I too had a Love Story” by Ravinder Singh.

Phew man! I am actually writing this review after closing the book an hour ago. You may wonder how I have passed that hour? Even if you are not wondering, you have to read this. I have gone to the terrace, plugged in my headphone, listened to more sad songs, well to be frank one particular music which is my favourite, and cried and cried and cried!! Aagh, fine, let’s do this!!

Why I have chosen this book?

The simple reason is I want to start this journey of sharing reviews with a good book. (Sounds silly? Yeah, I know!) I won’t lie by telling this book has topped my favourite list but then, this is the first love story book I have read and first book that has made me cry, which has happened four years ago. I also will share reviews of my favourite books in upcoming blogs, but then, why don’t we start with a simple yet disturbing read?


I don’t really mind about spoilers because I know most of you have read this book. Am just trying you compel your mind and heart to pick this book again. and if you are to read it for this first time, better do not continue before you read this story or make sure you buy at the moment you finish reading this.

As we know, this novel is based on the true story of the author himself, which has made it more precious and sadder. The story starts with the reunion of the four friends and then the friends discussing about the marriage. (To be frank, I don’t enjoy this chapter and always start my read from the second chapter) The protagonist, Ravin, our dear author, then, creates profile in a matrimonial website and there, everything starts.

Our heroine, Khushi, enters his life through this matrimonial website and gradually, into his heart too. Like any other love tale, the lovebirds do not face any opposition from their parents as they have selected their partner through the matrimonial website (clever move), and the preferences are matched. Do you know what is the best thing about this novel? The story will make you smile in the beginning as much as it makes you weep towards the end.

The love is so innocent, just like Khushi, and so pure, like Ravin, that we cannot help ourselves falling for the tale. The bond growing stronger without even meeting each other, the feelings they share through the phone calls, the emotions they are struck with during their first meet, the thrill they undergo while they spend some time alone, the joy that is spread with the topic of marriage, every single thing will load you with that bundle of happiness and then it happens. The tragedy. The accident.

You know what? I wish I can completely erase my memory on this story. I wish I have read this for the first time. Because, once I know I am nearing the tragic part, once I have turned the page where Khushi sings her La La La, my heart has been thudding faster as I already know what is waiting in the next page. The hesitation of turning the page, the fear of being hit by the pain, all together has made the read worth again. And I want you to feel it. The pain. The words. And the hangover.

The weekend is around the corner. No excuses about spare time. I guess you know what I mean. Re-read the book and rejoice the pain.

Meet you guys in the next blog with yet another exciting book.

Until then,

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  1. Really Ur review is fantastic dear.. it makes me to feel the pain as what’s there in the novel…keep going… All the very best…

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