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Hey readers!

It’s been a long time since the last post and hope you are all doing great with good books. I have been little tied up with work and couldn’t get the usual hours to read books!! Limited hours, so it eventually lessened my speed and number of books. But on brighter side, I still can read and give you the reviews and also make you want to read this book. Yayy!!

Now, coming to the review, I don’t want to drag your time so I am jumping straight to the book. Have you heard of the author Danielle Steel? I bet you have because he is one successful author with loads of great books published. If not, don’t feel guilty or bad or embarrassed sweetheart. Count me with you as I have also just found about this author and this is the first book of her, I have read. Let’s explore together.

The book you are going to know today is ‘Fall from grace’

To be frank, I have ordered this book after seeing the mere sight of the cover. I have assumed it as a couple walking on the shore, but only after getting the book in my hands I took a close look and found I have been wrong. Therefore, the story, it is not about love.

Not about love – what I mean here is, not just about the romantic part of love, but it is more than that. I can completely neglect that part and give importance to the protagonist of the novel Sydney. The story is all about how she falls, deep into the darkest tunnel of life, how she finds a light and finds it as a hope but once again being fooled and stepped over by the cruel world. To put it simple, it is about a woman with a strong attitude towards life. Whatever life throws at her, she fells but bounce back with same speed and multi energy.

The book gave me such a positive vibe. I am not sure if I have mentioned already about one thing. I don’t prefer reading motivational or self-help books which throw advice on my face, asking me to do this and that. But then, I always have preferred novels which will teach me through the life of the characters, and make me think and correct myself after reading the mistakes characters do. I think you should be learning life by that. If you want to learn through experience, then that is what I am talking about.

There is a saying which goes like this: We don’t get to choose the books, but they choose us. Give this book a chance to choose you. Am sure you will never regret the decision.

That’s it for today. Hope to see you soon with another review.

Until then,

Happy Reading y’all.  


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