What have I felt after reading…

Dear Pratik, before anything else I wanna say one thing. I truly hate you for giving such a frightful feel all through the read.

Well that is for the author, so readers, ready to get into the review?? Yayy, let’s start.

I haven’t picked any Indian writing for some while. But then, what made me read the book “One Step Short to the Moon” by Pratik Shelke? You want to know? Well, even am eager to share it. Relax and take a sip of your coffee as I get started!

The very first thing I like to start with is the cover. It actually makes sense and is justified with the story. And also, this isn’t like any other stories where the author focuses on the protagonist getting into an Engineering college, getting ragged, then suddenly falling in love, so and so but this story is about a person’s preparation to crack IIT and also, his teenage love story.

As far as I tell it’s a story, I would also like you to remind it’s one of those true incidents knitted into novel, yeah, you heard me right. Let’s not lose the track, so coming back to the book, it is all about a guy struggling to get into IIT, but then life doesn’t always go according to our plans, right? Same happens here.

The story completely focuses on the side of the educational system which is followed by the institutions and compelled by the students to follow. Though that can be considered as the main theme, we also have love which equally plays important role here. Of course, you would have guessed from the cover.  That is also another thing which has made me to read the story till the end.

When I say Love, it is nothing about the love that we read in any other book; it is always a dream, just like his IIT dream. Am not gonna say which he cracked and which cracked him. I leave it to you to read and figure it out. And thanks to the author for using his humour sense time and again in his writing, because as a student of English Literature, those jokes kept me going.

I personally think this book isn’t just for the IIT aspirants; everyone should read it to figure what actually happens in such institutes and what each student out there is dealing with. Behind every IIT aspirant, there is an unsaid story, buried deep inside his soul, forced to be forgotten. One is here, making us guess the story of the rest. You can categorize this under motivational, teen love, blah blah blah. All I want you to do is, give it a try and know just more than what you are said and heard about the student’s life, IIT aspirant’s life!!

As a story, this novel indeed is just like those novels make you sit corner-seat, bite your nails and curse the protagonist (I actually did a lot). You will have some reallife messages which have been learnt from experience being passed on to you.

P.S. If anyone out there reading this review, who also want to give it a try, let me know. I would like to pass the book.

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