What have I felt after reading…

Oh, My Goodness!!

This is all what I can react after reading the book ‘Sadie’ written by Courtney Summers.

Before going anywhere into today’s review, I really want to know if you have read the book I have suggested in my last review? If yeah, then wow, now you are all set to read the book after reading my review and if no, phew okay, try to read this book at least, because Man, this one is truly awesome.

I actually bought this book on Sunday at a bookstore and though I have a really good number of books waiting to be read, something inside me have made me want to pick this one and so I have started this book on Wednesday and now, ended up here to share What I have felt after reading... Let’s get into business, yeah?


Of course, am gonna give this alert as I will be revealing about the major theme of this novel, what did you think?

Sadie is the protagonist of this novel. ‘If she dies, she takes the truth with her, even though this tagline is the one which has interested me in buying this book, I have been intrigued and gifted with more than just thriller.

The story starts with a simple plot or at least I like to put it that way: a teen girl missing. It is the granny, not biologically though, makes the complaint and the story starts with the investigation of the missing girl. Before getting into the story, I must have to make you aware about the narration. That is one brilliant thing the author has done here. It’s not a usual thriller or crime investigation story running in chapters, but it is uniquely set as episodes of a serialized podcast.

Jumping into the story again, so the girl is missing and who is that girl? Unfortunately, it is Sadie, our protagonist and unexpectedly she owns alternate chapters along with the episodes where she narrates her side of the story which is probably happened few months ago, yes, the investigation hasn’t started earlier!! Little by little, we will get to know about the reasons behind her missing. The major cause of her missing is narrowed down to the point ‘her, trying to get away from the memories of her dead sister Mattie’ and that is not the truth; the spark where a reader wants to continue with the book is set here and do not expect me to reveal the truth.

‘Sexual assault’ has also been the theme of the last book I have read and surprisingly, this one also holds it. When I say, your mind will be corrupted with the questions like, why girls don’t tell others? Why can’t they stay safe? But I shall ask you few more back, what if she is too young to know? What if she is hurt by her family? And the book doesn’t answer for these questions but then, answers for brave ones such as, what if she is brave enough to hunt that man? What if she is headstrong about killing him? what if she is determined about saving the other girls? Yeah, and that is our girl, Sadie.

Behind the thriller genre and the sexual assault theme, I happened to have observe a strong emotion holding everything up. It is the ‘Guilt’. Nothing in this world can make the pain of guilt fade away from you unless you yourself make up your mind. Guilt can take you any extend and the same has done to Sadie. What did she do? What has actually happened? Aww dears, am sorry to say that YOU GOTTA READ BY YOURSELF!!

One thing I can assure is, Sadie will give you that strong feeling that you yourself want to become like her: brave, determined and headstrong. Just go and get the book because once you complete reading, I want to hear you saying:

Come back, Sadie

Because I can’t take another dead girl!  

About the cover? Yeah, that is the last thing you will remember about her!

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  1. Wonderful!! Not everyone is as creative as you are! Keep the good work..Your reviews brings somuch of curiosity to read the novel.

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