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Vama Gaur

About Vama Gaur:

An alumnus of prestigious Indian Naval Academy, she served the nation as an Air Traffic Controller & Logistics officer in the Armed forces for almost a decade before setting course to civil street. Author of fast selling book “Heels Boots and Casuals” with the next book in pipeline as “The Mughal Harem”. Co-founded Hapster, a mobile app based platform and subsequently teaching under privileged kids as a volunteer. She participated in Mrs India-Queen of Substance 2018, bagging the title of Mrs Photogenic MIQS.

LiFT: Tell us about your book, the journey of writing it and its content.

Vama: It all started as a diary containing my daily journals. My joy knew no bounds when i would read it at the end of every week as my experiences were thrilling, funny and definitely worth writing. So, I decided to go an extra mile to write about Sana’s epic tale from a simple , obedient defence brat to a fierce, independent and headstrong officer of the elite Indian Armed forces. How circumstances change you as a person and teach you to handle a situation as a cool cucumber. There are stories from my diary turned into fiction and you will thoroughly enjoy reading every bit of it. Every paragraph for sure takes you down your own memory lane and lends you a deja vu!

LiFT: Why you chose this title?

Vama: The title heels boots and casuals defines the essence of the book and is very catchy. Like I said, its a journey of a civilian turned to an Officer. From Heels to Boots and casuals is for the reader to think about! 🙂

LiFT: When did you realize that you want to be a writer and what’s your inspiration behind it?

Vama: I have always had a passion for reading fiction where your imagination could turn wild with creativity. Never thought of going down the mainstream as an Author but later i questioned myself, ‘why not’?

LiFT: Where do you see yourself ten years down the line in the world of literature?

Vama: An author with a voice of her own and the one who could change perspectives for the better!

LiFT: How much do you think marketing or quality of a book is necessary to promote a particular book and increase its readers?

Vama: Unless you are Priyanka Chopra or Twinkle Khanna who would not need an introduction, marketing IS very important!

LiFT: What is the message you want to spread among folks with your writings?

Vama: Live your life as you want to! If you cannot, then probably you are supporting your problems more than your dreams!

LiFT: What do you do apart from writing?

Vama: I love to get unconventional with my options. The latest one is starting off with my own business as an entrepreneur. Looking forward to an absolutely stunning career option next year! Follow my Instagram account for more updates:)!

LiFT: What are the activities you resort to when you face a writer’s block?

Vama: Leave it right there and go for a walk. Think about it during my walk, get back and start again!

LiFT: What if your story will be adopted as a movie? Whom would you want to work as a director or actors in it?

Vama: I so wish for that to happen! Inspiration and motivation are the key ingredients of my book. I would want independent directors to work for my book. Even actors who are not yet established and can really match with the characters!

LiFT: Are you working on your next book? If yes, please tell us something about it.

Vama: Yes. It’s about the dwellers of the Mughal Harem. Genre is Historical Fiction dating back to the times of Akbar and his three successors..

LiFT: What are your suggestions to the budding writers/poets so that they could improve their writing skills?

Vama: You don’t need a high end vocabulary to write. All you need is consistency and a clear plot in your head. Once done with that, remaining can follow.

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Heels Boots & Casuals

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