Yes, I am 50, I love to click selfies…

Yes, I am 50 and I love clicking selfies.
I know, I am enough old to rest on a rocking chair with a ball of wool and weaving needles. Old enough to narrate stories and sing lullabies to my grandchildren, to guard my home when my whole family is out at a party. I know, I am old enough to keep myself in a comfort zone to do what people of my age are assigned to do.
Although my desires are not yet dead, I just don’t show them up. I am aware that I no more look like before. My skin doesn’t glow anymore, my eyesight not sharp either. My bones ache, as I have various health issues. My gray hairs have lost its density, my joints have turned rigid. My body is sore out of long routine chores I have done throughout my life. Everything has changed but my heart and soul. I am still a dreamer and I still have choices. In fact, I have better choices than you do as I am experienced. You might be 20 or 30 but I am older.
Technology has changed. You can run with the pace but remember “I can still walk.” If you won’t support me, that wooden stick would. I can match my steps to you not to prove myself but I simply want to.
I love to operate the latest gadgets. I want to be updated on social media, to discover my old friends, make new ones, to exchange my thoughts as you do. My ears are not functioning appositely but I enjoy listening to all genres of music. I relish clicking selfies now and then as I also want to have a collection of my own pictures. My heart bounces with excitement when I edit my images to make it wrinkle free. I enjoy all those latest applications and online games. That mouth-watering cakes and ice-creams still delight me. Though I am not allowed to gulp them yet I want them. I feel amused to wander around the vast astonishing malls, markets. I sometimes want to try out different outfits, unlike basics.
What if I want to go out on a trip with my companions? If I enjoy a kitty party with them once in a while? If I need a privacy with my life partner to share our moments?
Why do you make me feel guilty for such little things? My age is not a factor but your lookout is. I had done everything for you profoundly. I still do because I have been loving you since you came to this world. I love my grandchildren more. I respect your choices and priorities but I respect myself too. I am not a baby seater or a home guard. Don’t tell me what suits my age. Stop shaming me for living with the pace.
My dear new generation, I can be like you but you can never be like me. The endurance, calmness, kindness, experience, wit, brilliance and intellect that I have, you don’t have yet because I am older than you.


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