Why Oscar is still a dream for Bollywood?

Have you ever wondered why Bollywood is still following a circuitous route to reach to oscars. Indian film industry, releases more than 1000 films per year. High fidelity techniques, glamorous actors, million bucks production cost, entangling of the finest artists of the country, either in the field of direction or action, acting or production, still not in the nomination line of international awards or Oscars.

Leviathan budgets, high returns, mammoth net profits, surprisingly from the kind of films which are only ‘one time watchable’, the usual line we say after watching an average movie. Among 1000’s of the films of Bollywood which doubles the Hollywood, not a single reaches to the boundaries of Oscars.
Where is the fault and what is the fault, when everything in it is crowning?

The Indian film industry is adopting the same genres, imitating the same out-dated illogical scripts to direct. The treasure is vast enough to pick up and show up fresh. Realistic or unrealistic, now viewers need something parallel to the line of reasoning. A subject that has significance. But as long as the turnover is counting billions,who cares about the sound judgement with standards.

A country of 1.35 billion ‘Hindustanis’, out of which millions are outstanding actors, but still the actors signed up for lead roles in big budget films cannot speak our mother language. Does a country (known for its art and culture) lacks genuine talents? Why do they sign magnificent curves and sleek legs over dedicated genuine actors?

Moreover, the chances are more for the breed of well-established actors, widely known as star-kids. When the maximum seats are reserved for so called star-kids, no matter how poorly they act, why the ones who are exceptionally splendid actors would get a single chance to blow in?

The issue is not about winning Oscars, but why we are lagging behind? Unconvincing scripts, tenuous actors, spineless stories with groundless begets hollow insubstantial entertainment. Adding an item-song or big star cast can never wind up passable benchmark. Some big budget films are not worth even half-a-penny, but sometimes proves to be a block-busters while few level-headed, thoughtful ones are not even appreciated by the viewers. Hence, it becomes a game of money. Despite working so hard, Bollywood ends up as bagatelle for the Oscar selectors.

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