Why North-East is incredibly a spectacular part of India?

The prodigious north-east, including the seven sisters and sikkim is sovereign and characteristic with unparalleled beauty, The great river Brahmaputra, mesmerizing tea gardens, picturesque step farming, nature loving people, top-notch scenic locations, diverse languages, admirable customs and traditions. Few reasons that make it more admirable are:
1-If it has to be defined, then the three words perfectly delineate are ‘beauty beyond belief’. Sky kissing mountains bedizened with resplendent green conifers and flora. When you travel through the passes, eyes would refuse to unhook the sight of graciously sedent clouds over the ground. Your soul can breathe the calmer, bucolic smell of the nature. From each and every corner, mind absorbs serene, amicable vibes.

2– while the other parts of the country blaze due to blistering heat of the sun, most of the parts of North-east showers exuberantly. Pleasant, delightful dew drops pour the flora and fauna in it’s startling garb.

3- If you are prepared to explore the deepest parts of North-east, you will find extremely gemutlich inhabitants. Their love for nature in lap of mountains and forests could be seen, the way they pamper it. Their hospitability unveils their constructive fulfilling way of living. Their flourishing faces engaged in teeny-weeny spadework, show the presence of contentment in their lives, no matter how much they are earning. This contentment is hardly found in canaille of large, metro cities. They earn and establish peace.

  1. 4- If i bring up myself at women empowerment, North-east scores remarkably. When the most of the part of india debates on women empowerment or feminism, and confine men and women to their restrictive jobs they are doing since ages; in the depths of Meghalaya women go out to work where as men undertake the responsibility of household chores. Setting a perfect example of their positive mindsets they evinces that the differences between a man and woman are the outcome of crappy comprehensions. They are equal in abilities.

5-Inspite of being music and dance lovers, they are high at sports spirit. Jayanta Talukdar of Assam, Baichung Bhutia of Sikkim, Marry Kom of Manipur, Swuro of nagaland amd many more are the proud sportsters of North-east. Though many parts of N.E are underprivileged, but the enthusiastic children or teenagers are being trained dedicately, either for indoor or outdoor games. Hence, inspite of scantiness due to inadequate availabilities, they are formulating zealous sports personalities.

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