Where is our ‘civilized’ society heading to?

It’s a time of shame and disgrace for the human society pertaining to the events that have recently taken place. The physical abuses hurled at the speechless animals have taken a toll on the society. After the gory incident of a man raping a dog and throwing it away to die, another incident of a greater grotesque nature has come to light. A man has been arrested for consecutively raping a dog for three days, thanks to the CCTV footage. A veterinarian has confirmed the inhuman act after examining the dog. The matter of concern here is that has the mentality and sexual desires fallen to such an extent that an animal has to be used for its fulfillment? Humans have become so insensitive and negligent that they don’t give a second thought before committing such heinous crime. It’s astonishing that in such a progressive world, the quality of humans is degrading drastically, which is a matter of concern for the entire society. What is the reason behind such a deterioration? The answer is simple, the faulty upbringing and the taboos prevalent in the society. The parents concealing facts about adolescence and not having a clear-cut conversation about sex and other matters is what instills such an unnatural mentality in a child. This mentality continues and sticks to the child for his entire life and maybe also passed on to the future generation. This is too harmful to the growth of an open-minded society. The parents need to get the facts and myths scripted into a child’s mind, without any adulteration, to save the society from such disgraceful acts. The humans also need to understand that animals aren’t toys, they are as living as any other human. They too have right to live a life, even if they are living on the streets.

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