What good are FADS that Fade away!

Situation 1.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”



“Because I prefer to own my freedom rather than a whimsical relationship.”


Situation 2.

“Hey, have you watched the recent episode of the GOT?’

“No buddy, I haven’t watched its single episode.”

“How come?” his mouth gaping wide open.

“I seriously do not find it interesting.”


The aforementioned instances are not fictional or the product of the constant stirring of my thoughts; they actually hold relevance to the status quo.

The Indians are highly creative and amazing at aping. ‘Copying’ seems to be the coolest thing that they can do and one can’t deny that they are really good at it. In an urge to be termed as ‘Bohemia’, they adopt fads which lose the ground quickly and fade away.

The Youth Brigade of India is teeming with novel and unconventional ideas. A new think keeps approaching them frequently. This constant upsurge of ideas in their minds coax them to begin with a startup. The desire to fulfill their vision of acquiring autonomy and power overpowers them greatly to venture into the new arena. Each of us desires the same. The abundance of startups have undoubtedly paved the way for the economy to flourish and alleviate the unemployment but then, there’s always a But…!

Most of the startups disappear within a short span of time as they fail to sustain in a highly competitive atmosphere.

The young people involved in relationships just for the heck of it. Being in love is truly a divine feeling. However, the sanctity of relationships has lost its meaning in the fast lane. The newfangled relationship is merely a consequence of attraction or infatuation that disappears as soon as the air of misgivings clear.

Getting involved romantically with a partner has become a means to gain popularity and attention. It helps the youngsters to attract the crowd. How cool is it to change the partners every once in a while, cry for few days with heartbreaking songs and continue with your life as if nothing ever happened!

The extensive use of word “f**k” is euphony for our young ears. Anybody who falls short of abusive words or fumbles while speaking is considered to be a dumb or a coward. The tragedy of the modern era is that if you are a traditional lass or a lad who respects their customs and value system, you are utterly boring. Also, if you are a lot much into geeky things and does not find derogatory terminology alluring, you are a sure nerd!

The new-sprung fashion of putting slang words to use and splurge on big brands has blown the naïve minds completely. If you do not own a branded accessory, you are disowned. Also, being a young flesh if you do not spend hours watching Netflix or T.V. series, you are a spoilsport. To acquire the sense of belongingness to the Cool group, you are expected to mug up the catchphrases from the Hollywood stuff.

The craze is a temporary measure to break the walls of the ennui. It should not become a necessity and definitely not a means to influence your life. It is good to adapt to change but not at the cost of your own comfort. Do not try to get into other’s shoes just to prove that you are nowhere behind.

Do what your heart says and never let the vainglorious fads become the goal of your life!

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