Wassup Bhopal!

“Where there is a will, there is a way!”

This cliché adage applies perfectly to the success stories. It emphasizes that if one possesses the grit and is driven by his passion to stand apart from the crowd, none can impede the path of his progress. The success is bound to embrace him.

In the current scenario, there is a constant stir in the market of startups. Be it food, apparels, technology, book marketing and publishing, education and a plethora of several other fields, various startups are continuously emerging.

WASSUP BHOPAL is an initiative of the exuberant and zealous young people who desire to create a unique identity for themselves. Barely four months old, this startup is evolving and growing into one of the torchbearers of the league of successful associations. A team of five – Aayush Lohi, Burhanuddin Hussain, Falak Thapar, Anubha Vishwakarma and Himanshu Bansal- decided to come up with their venture at the spur of the moment which holds a prominent position in the world of travel bloggers today.

All of them were enraptured by the food, the culture, the monuments, the history and the resplendent vista of the city of lakes and thus decided unanimously to bring its elegance to the fore. Their enthusiasm helped them greatly to carve a niche for themselves. The reason behind their stupendous success lies in their collective will to succeed. Their strong desire to realize their dreams brought them out of their shells to pursue a common goal. Wassup Bhopal is the outcome of a cooperative hard work of the team. Its sole aim is to bring forward the beautiful wonders of the city to the eyes of its people. It is interesting to know about the varied culture of Bhopal which is famous for its exquisiteness and the jovial denizens.

Ask them if they feel trepidation before embarking on a new project and the answer comes, “ Being a novice in the field of running a business, there was an ample amount of anxiety among us. But it is apparent that once we overcame those concerns and fears, things really started to move more smoothly. Yeah, it is true that your success brings more of happiness and a confidence in your life. But what it also brings is a constant fear of working harder and better with each accomplishment,” says Anubha.

According to them, “It’s far easy to have an idea in your mind than to actually implement and mold it. During the course of our short journey, there’s one thing we all learned for sure, and that is you don’t require a dozen ideas, what required is dozens of hours of work to turn one simple idea into a success.” Such insightful words are evidence of their bright minds. For them, their definition of success is the satisfaction they derive out of those sweet-sour moments when the team sits down together and enjoy themselves after a busy day of work. It is their sheer determination that has earned them respect and recognition.

“Though entrepreneurship always asks you to be at the edge, it feels great to work in our field of interest and in a way that is comfortable to us. Moreover, we think that is the best part about it,” says Burhanuddin. Being a team comprising of members filled with vigor and vitality, they are competent enough to handle the pressure. “Whenever we feel at a low ebb, our team is always supportive towards each other and knows how to tackle any difficulty as a combined unit,” says Himanshu.

All of them love to travel and this ignited the spark in them to embark on a journey of exploring Bhopal and come up with splendid facts about it. Their prime motive is to familiarize the citizens of Bhopal with its splendor and a wide array of hues that wraps this city beautifully.

No achievement comes easily. It takes oodles of hard work to materialize an idea. Questioning them about the formula to become a successful entrepreneur Falak comments, “Yes, there is a formula to become a success and that is to stop procrastinating and start working. You may face a lot of issues and problems, but if you crack just enough of them, you may become successful.”

Owning a prominent place on the different social media channels with around 8K followers, these young men are en route of reinventing Bhopal along with discovering themselves. Their conviction and consistency are remarkable which reflects in their marvelous work. Their unity rewarded them with the sweet taste of success.

“If you have an idea, there’s a significant amount of probability that some else has it too. The real race is that who implements it firstly and more efficiently,” suggests Aayush to all those young people who wish to make it big in their lives. Their journey has just begun and there’s a long way to go because visionaries never put a full stop to their thought process. It is their unrelenting desire to keep going that lands them amidst an abundance of success. This team is evidence of the fact that if one channelizes one’s energy and creativity in the right direction to fuel his aspirations, the pinnacle of success isn’t far away.


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