Warriors of Indian Society, “Single Mothers”

She may be a successful, independent and contented woman, but her existence without a man will always be looked upon as something as an unacceptable deed by the Indian society; even if it is because of her faulty fate. The situation becomes further gross for the woman if she’s a ‘Single Mother’.

She’ll be held responsible for her husband leaving her and her child. No, Indians would not care to at least peep into the causes that led to the separation of the couple. All they’ll do is blame the mother and her inability to clutch on to her relationship. Maybe, the fault was of the man who involved in extramarital affairs or was a drug or alcohol addict or who used violence to enforce his masculinity on his wife.

For the sake of her child’s future, a woman has all the rights to disown such a man or divorce him and lead a peaceful life with her child. But, this Indian society, all they’ll say is, “She could have managed to stay in the relationship as the child also needs a father.” Does the child really needs a father who disrespects his wife and doesn’t care the least for his family?

In today’s modern world, full of rapid and fast paced life, the Indian society still finds time to trim the leftover confidence and courage of these single mothers. These women are indeed made of tough mettle that they continue their journey full of troughs and thorns, despite being talked about in the society as if their life is an open cinema, ‘full of entertainment‘. Disregarding all these, their perspectives and motives of their life are clear – to nurture their child and provide it the veiled love of a father and the unconditional support of a mother.

This fact cannot be ignored that these single mothers face a plethora of problems, especially in the Indian nationality owing to the patriarchal dominance in every sphere of life. Be it naming the guardian in a school form or any other document, the first preference is given to the father; irrespective of the fact that even the mother can very well acquire the role of a guardian for her child.

“Single Mothers” aren’t just mothers, they are warriors who fight daily, with their fears and insecurities and overcome the obnoxious looks of the Indian society.

 Armoured with invincible courage,
She collides with the waves of time,
anchoring her ship of responsibilities
to the shore of her sturdy devotion.

She fights the demons trying to tread over her,
forcing her way through her delicate world.
She demolishes the impediments to her success with the shimmering arms of her passion.

She’s a warrior,
A warrior yet to be recognised.


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