Vote – Not Just Your Right, Your Duty!

Vote for me, vote for me, they all shout

They think they have won, without a bout

Among themselves they fight, to get that ticket

Their impressive qualities is what they exhibit

Sweets they distribute, when they get that ticket

Celebrate it like a bowler, who’s got his maiden wicket

Then the fight gets ahead, down on the road

A shipload of prizes, they start to unload

A list of freebies they spill out their throat

All their time in the world, to this cause they devote

Some show that Lotus, while some show the Hand

But we know that they are the same band

The new ones, who rise, take up fancy symbols

All have hidden intentions, yet say they are single

The road shows and rallies, it’s all a showcase

What matters in the end, is that briefcase

It’s us, voters, whom, they all fear

And so try to tempt us, with cash and beer

The voters now have become smart

Not someone, to be bought in a mart

They know it’s their right, they know it’s their duty

They know who to bring, an experienced or a rookie

So go to the booths, and make your finger blue

Don’t make an excuse, that you have got some work or flu

“It’s not just your right. It is your duty to cast a vote. Never falter in it.”

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