Unexpressed Credits – Teachers

‘Read a toddler’s notebook.
a B C d e ..
1 2 3 4 ..
Years later,
Typed sentences, earned figures.
Unexpressed Credits : Teachers.’
Time never stops. We keep growing, learning and keep reaching new heights. But in this fuzz we forget to thank few of the most important people who trained us, blessed us even though they weren’t blood related.
The one’s who controlled themselves from not losing their patience even when we kept asking the same doubt 8-9 times. When we misbehaved during lectures and they kept giving us last warnings for ‘n’ number of times.
Our kinder-garden teachers who didn’t lose their cool when we kept crying out loud and yet chose to love us.
In this article, I am not talking about our parents or friends who have also taught us numerous things. But in fact, I am talking about our school, college and tuition teachers who has literally educated us.
Taught us how to greet, respect, speak and write. Taught us how to participate and made difficult concepts easier than we can even imagine of.
Dedicated to our education,
This being their passion
and our liberation.
We all have our bitter-sweet memories with our teachers. We like some, we don’t get along with few. We have our favorite one’s and we also have those who we don’t admire much. But in the end, whether you admit it or not, but we all wish to be in their good-books.
No wonder that on our farewell day, we don’t just get emotional because we are going to miss our premises/ canteen/ classroom but also the one’s who completed that room. The way they guide us, inspires us by sharing their personal stories made us want to make our parents and teachers proud.
It’s important to let them know that they are important to us and that they are not invisible. May be your one message can brighten up their day and inspire them to keep going.
To all the teachers out there, if you are reading this, then let me take a chance and say ‘Thank you’. For always guiding and blessing us. For not taking us for granted or judging us. You matter to us and I honestly appreciate all your efforts. Thank you so much for guiding, shaping and directing our thoughts to the right direction.
Taught us the  importance of books,
Never judged us by our looks.
The lessons you taught us
Shall always help us succeed.
Teaching countless number of children,
One after another
You shaped our future,
For us, we shall never fail to remember.
We would not have been what we are/where we have reached today without them. The fragrance for entire humanity and a pilgrim of knowledge.
– Kinjal Parekh.
Much Love ❤

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Kinjal Parekh

Kinjal was born in Rajkot, Gujarat in April 1998. At around the age of 18, she discovered her true vocation - to be a writer and also to lead in the corporate world. Her journey to write and inspire people started back when she was 15. She started blogging self-help articles and slowly found her solance within. She is passionate about philosophy, psychology, reading novels and to deliver motivating speeches. She wants to motivate souls who have lost all hopes and faith and prove that Humanity is still alive, blessing people with smiles! "Everything happens for a reason", is what she firmly believes and that the dots will somehow definately connect in future.

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