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Travelling gives wings to your mind that is trapped in the cage of your mundane quotidian lives. We wake up to the same sun, we juggle between different chores, we run errands, we chase the world because the competition is fierce and the day ends on a happy sad monotonous note. Travel and tell no one, and you shall live happier.
Travelling has emerged as a new fad amongst the elite and the middle-class alike. Everyone wants to travel and explore myriad places. They wish to soak themselves in the beauty of change and start their lives afresh strikingly. But how many of us regard the idea of traveling all by ourselves? Seems quirky, right? Who would want to go on a solo trip with nono to accompany and indulge in gossip with? Who would chance upon the idea of visiting their dreams destinations alone because they enjoy their company? Who would shed a thought on the very idea of spending time alone? Who wishes to brave the challenges of their inhibitions and norms to add life to their years? Well, Taara did and if she could be courageous, then why can’t you?
Taara is a young educated girl who has had bitter experiences dealing with love affairs. Her sour experiences make her so pessimistic that she discards every single love that comes into her life. Her frail relationships cast a dark spell over her heart and she tumbles between her heart and mind to choose what she really wants! And amidst everything, she comes across the idea of going on a solo trip. In the land of India, where women are still considered low and traveling alone by a girl a taboo, Taara takes this as a challenge head-on. At the drop of a hat, she knows what her heart wants!

Travel With Table For One

TABLE FOR ONE is the debut novel of the author Neha Bindal. Taara is the brainchild of Neha who considers herself a ‘table for one’ kinda person. Though she is okay with socializing, spending some quality time with herself pleases her too. In a candid conversation, Neha talked about how the idea to pen down Table For One struck her. She says that she always wanted to scribble something revolving around the loneliness. It is a topic which is usually brushed aside and generally kept in the bay but which needs a great amount of attention. According to Neha, we have become cluttered due to our obsession with social media. We are smitten with the trend of following so much that we somewhere lose the track of our own lives. We have forgotten to follow our heart. Neha finds traveling and talking to real humans as a means of getting over your loneliness.

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Neha Bindal – Author of Table For One

Neha was deeply immersed in her imaginary world while she was writing Table For One. She got to live many stories of her different characters simultaneously. This turned out to be a fine experience for her as she got to reconnect with herself at a much deeper level. Her book is a reflection of her personal thoughts and experiences. She says that one should be going on a solo trip to explore and lose oneself in the wilderness. It makes you an extrovert. Moreover, you get to learn a lot as you are dependent on yourself. Neha has been to several places London being her favorite. Initially, the idea of traveling alone gave her jitters but soon she found herself reveling in the luxury of solo tripping. Travelling gives her stories, it gives her means to communicate and then couple it with her imagination to bring out interesting pieces of literature.
Ask her how she feels about traveling and life goals, “Travelling is a medium to express and learn. One could realize his/her calling in life while one is wandering aimlessly. One should always pursue something, be it arts, music, literature or anything. Just listen to your heart and go solo tripping,” says Neha signing off.

Table For One

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