Traffic, Honks and the Resistance to Change

Busy, are the roads
Busy, are the people
Hearts have gone vacant
And our ears, cripple

Drive a little
We honk
Stop a second
We honk

Some honk just for fun
Some, out of patience
Some, to copy others
Some, to look different

The usually silent streets
Suddenly blare with noise
The usually normal people
Suddenly lose their poise

There’s a weird spell on these roads
One which makes the people go mad
They repeat it again and again
Even when they know it’s bad

But it’s not their fault too
That’s how we people are
We always desire some change
But are never ready to change our heart

We’re never ready to change ourselves…


Have you ever been to America, England or the so-called developed nations? Don’t worry if you haven’t because I’ve never been there too. Though, when you ask the one’s who have, you’ll find one thing common in all their narration – a praise for their traffic-sense.

“We were there for fifteen days and we didn’t hear a single horn. Can you imagine that?”

“No matter how long the queue got, not a single car changed lanes.”

“Overtaking? What is that? I’m sure the people out there don’t know the word at all.”

We get so mesmerized hearing their experience, we almost go into a trance. A pinch of hope rises in us, that yes, now that they’ve experienced it all, they’ll vote for a change. But no, some people just do not change. Even after saying all that, what’s the first thing they do when they hit the road? They honk.

Once again their resistance to change douses our fire.

The only thing that’s constant is change. That silence before and after a storm is a proof of that.

Change is a really important part of our life. Some people say that no matter what happens, one should never change who they are. That’s nonsense! We need to change with time. We need to change with the place. We need to change as the people around us change. But the fact is, we never do.

Today, rather than searching for the answers anywhere else, just ask it to yourselves. Why is it so difficult to change?

And yes, respect the roads, respect the traffic and respect the people who are driving around you.

Reduce your honking.
Drive safe.

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