‘Tis The Season of Exams

During 12th grade, you feel like a bean soaked in a pressure cooker. You are desperately waiting for the whistle to blow, so that you can relieve yourself from the cooker. But, if you perform well under pressure, your hard work, late night studies and rushing to coaching classes may actually turn into a delicious dish that you will relish for years to come.

 Personally, I hated the 12th grade, not owing to the studies, but because I had met people who couldn’t be termed even as mere acquaintances.  On one side, I was constantly rebuked for not working hard enough and on the other I was considered as a ‘Nerd’ for being too studious. I was not weighed down by the text books but by the opinions of so called well-wishers. Highly judged for my inherent flaws, the most challenging part was to study in such an environment.

All these situations changed me as a person. I somehow managed to swim against the dangerous currents and reach the shore. I might have forgotten majority of the concepts of the +2 phase but not the lessons it had taught me.

When you are preparing for boards, stay away from chugli neighbourhood mausis, relatives who suddenly seem to have all time in the world to call you and turn a deaf ear to the repeated rants of your lecturers. There also may be fake messages circulated on WhatsApp of a possible paper leak; let me tell you – just ignore them. People around you will intimidate you by speculating the possibility of a question appearing in the exam. Don’t pay heed to such small talk, take a deep breath and do your own thing. Always keep in mind that everyone goes through the same phase and you are not alone in this.

If you have not fared well in boards, it’s not the end of the world. Remember, marks are just numbers and not a way of rating you. If you cannot stand out in the crowd, mingle with a different one.  In the roller coaster ride of the boards, don’t lose yourself.

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