The Reader In You

Good evening friends, and special greetings to the bookworms out there. Before going anywhere, let me tell you who am I and what am I going to torment you with.

About me, to start with, nothing personal so you need give me that face, I am a reader! I am a beginner in writing, you can put it like, I am more of a reader and less of a writer. I think this information will do, considering what I am going to treat you with!

I did not start to read during my childhood, the one thing I regret and will regret for ever, but just five years back and it is during 2017, the reading habit actually turned into an addiction. It is then I have collected, you can say hunted down books and build this wall of fantasy world which every bookworm has got into. When I picked the first book, I just have wanted to do it as a pastime. But what book has given me in return is a whole new phase of life for me to live. It is not always you feel great full for something that happens in your life. But when it comes to books, you will always be indebted for whatever it gives you. Each day, books make me feel alive and with a book in my hand, I fail to see anything past the rumbling pages in my hand. To be frank, I am glad about this part.

To tell you about what kind of genre I chose, I have this narrow mind here. Yes, that is because I love reading Love Tales; not really the La La Land kind of tales, but then the tale that will make your heart wither, your soul tear and fill your mind with this unclear, suffocating fog; all this period, you will be nothing but blank. You may need to cry, howl, crumble into bed just because of the pain given by the books. And that’s the type of books I love to read. If you can connect this with you, then hey, you have got a book mate! Recently, I have also started reading Horror and Crime; though not very often, you can consider it as an added information.

Now, the treat and torment I have been talking about. I will be sharing book reviews here. The books, hand-picked by me, the ones I have bought them home, the ones I own and the ones I adore; not the books I get for reviews, which says, it is purely my thoughts, unbiased and untouched (maybe except for the editor regarding the errors). I shall give you a brief review of books I read and share what the book has made me feel. It is both a treat and torment, for a bookworm will get to know about how the book is and cannot resist buying a good book. Hope you all enjoy and get use of this and stay beside me in this journey.

P.S. If you want me to read any book of your choice and share my ideas, will be more than happy to connect with you.


The ‘Me’ In ‘You’!


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9 thoughts on “The Reader In You

  1. Your words stir my heart!. I was one hell of a reader before, but then I stopped. Now I feel like reading again, I want to read your books. You are awesome!!! Thankyou for lighting me up!

  2. Sounds great. Looking forward to your reviews and recommendations. Can’t wait to read one of your own book. Good luck.

  3. Having known you and your writings for a while, this is a go back to what i loved about your style. Good luck my dear. Looking forward to reading everything.

  4. Wow! I’m really happy for you and excited too..I haven’t read much books before but now I feel like reading more books..Eagerly waiting for your reviews and your own books to read.
    You’ll do great!!😍

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