The Leaves That Don’t Get Crumpled

The world we live in is just like a big tree. A bunch of leaves hang at every branch and all such branches make the big tree. Some branches are full of leaves while some hold just a couple of them. Though, all the branches have one thing in common. They all meet each other at the roots. Yes, all the branches know each other by their roots. And yet, every leaf hanging on them is a stranger to the other.

Some leaves are lucky enough to belong to a lush green branch. The moment they sprout, they have a big bunch of strangers ready to take them in. Everyone is eager to befriend the new entrant. Everyone wants to colour them in their own shade of green. Everyday they are watered with expectations. Everyday the world wishes for them to turn green tomorrow. But for some of these leaves, that tomorrow never arrives. Because luck alone never does the trick, does it? They just aren’t ready! Too much water makes them wilt. They suffocate under the weight of expectations. And when it becomes too much to bear, they let go.

Some leaves, on the other hand, find themselves on the wrong side of luck. They have all the necessary fertilizers in them. They are ready to turn into that perfect shade of green. And they would have too, only if they hadn’t sprouted on a barren branch. There is no one out there to water their eager soul. They keep hanging though. They are ready to wait for someone to finally appreciate their abilities. It is perfectly OK if there is no one by their side today. They always feel that life will change tomorrow. But for some of these leaves, that tomorrow never arrives. Eventually, all their desires dry up. And when it becomes too much to bear, they let go.

The tender leaves who have seen different sides of the world, all come down to the ground. The strangers ready to get crumpled. The strangers ready to embrace the end.

However, the world never writes stories about the ones who get crumpled, does it?
It only appreciates the ones who live on.

And so, being the ones walking around, it’s our responsibility to ensure that such leaves don’t get crumpled.


The leaves don’t have a choice. Falling down is their fate. But to crumple them under our feet or preserve them in our diary is always our choice.


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