The Disgraceful Act of Body Shaming

I was glaring at that amazing red sheer dress, attired over a dummy at a display window of a garment store in a mall. A voice hit my eardrums from behind “Ma’am, it won’t fit you, I’ll show you some larger sized dresses.” I was embarrassed and enraged at the same time. When I came back home I kept staring myself into the mirror, my mind was racing back to that sheer comment the shopkeeper passed. He might have said nonchalantly without any ill- intention to opine my overweight then why did I overreact as if he had flung a boomerang towards me. Simultaneously I got to perceive that my anguish was the post effect of all those ridiculous mockery jibes and lamentable taunts that has deepened the mental wounds?
Although I have been accustomed to listen to unsolicited remarks to ignored but do I really ignore.
Are they really ignorable?
No, they aren’t.
Alright, I admit I am fat but what about those who have the scrawny physique. Does our society reprieve them to live happily with what and how they are?
There is a number of irksome people who are always ready to pass a queasy nauseous remark onto others without giving a damn to their own wearisome, obnoxious life. Who are they to constantly judge me, to advise me how I should look.

A few years back, when the famous Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai had been perpetually ragged due to her weight gain resulted from post-pregnancy body changes, I had read a number of blatant, barefaced comments posted below her picture on a social media as if she had committed a barbaric crime. Can’t people understand a simple thing that a lady undergoes a lot of transformations during her pre and post-delivery period? She gave birth to a life, isn’t that noteworthy.
Be it the figure of Sania Mirza (the famous sports person), the lips of Anushka Sharma (bollywood actress) ,the body structure of Serena Williams (the tennis champion), the thigh size of Ashley Graham (the Hollywood actres) which had been called as a ‘cellulite city’, the weight of Lady Gaga, a little bulgy tummy of Jennifer Aniston ( the Hollywood actress) , face shaming of Kriti Sanon or when Priyanka Chopra ( the Bollywood actress) had been slammed by haters for a nose job, or when Parineeti Chopra was scrutinized her for bulky body shape, some people are too idle to notice and never miss a chance to backlash. People didn’t even spare the departed soul. The legendary actress of Bollywood Sridevi had been body shamed for the plastic surgeries she had done, even after her death.
It is happening around us sometimes her dark skin, fleshy bones, overweight or underweight, her short height, her being taller than an average height of men, her stretch marks, and even the pimple marks are being constantly noticed by some jobless, unrelated folks. How can they set their sight on the size of a person’s breast and ass? Isn’t it disgraceful and disgusting to hear? Should one really ignore? They really need to learn to stop ‘Body Shaming’, ‘Face Shaming’, ‘Skinny Shaming.’

The South Indians have been tagged as ‘Kale'(black) and a Northeastern as ‘chinki’, illiterate has become the synonym of ‘Bihari’ and a niggard is being called ‘Baniya.’
What do we all do about it?
We giggle, snigger and move on. In this way, we give them a chance to cement the bricks to this ignoble structure.
Sometimes even in families willingly or unwillingly we fling comments on other’s appearance. A dusky is called as ‘Kalu’, a little bulgy as ‘Motu’, a short height as ‘chhotu’ and it goes on and on.

Beauty is still defined in the terms of your skin color, body curves, and features. Are all those dull stretch marks, the matter to be considered when I have so much constructive to do in my life. Why do I have to be reminded of them every time when you look at me and notice.

My body is my pride and my soul as well so if you are shaming my body, it disgraces my soul. I am not ashamed of my extra fats or being skinny, dark and dusky. Stop trolling others for their being. How can you decide who is ugly and who is beautiful when you don’t know the meaning of the two terms and even the difference between them.

Although some people are strong enough to take them as a challenge, some are instant to ignore undeviatingly but there are few to whom your nonsense comments are mutilated enough to question their identity. It bruises them deeply, embeds the ache. Your disgraceful remarks can damp somebody’s hopes and possibilities, feel them despondent, turn them dispirited.

Stop Body Shaming.
Stop face Shaming.

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