The Dilemma of Selecting a College

After finishing school, every student has a dream to get into the best colleges of his chosen stream. The whole process starts with visiting sites of each college and intense research work on the offered courses, placement records, and the available facilities. However, this trip turns out to be somewhat exhilarating for the students with good marks, in the board examination, whereas the ones with average marks face problems in getting admitted to their desired college.

One of the most esteemed and aspired universities of India, the Delhi University (DU) will soon be announcing the first cut-off list within a week. The most awaited announcement for students aspiring to make it into the colleges of DU will certainly stir students from all over the nation, mind you, only the best ones will stand a chance to enter the esteemed University.

So, the ones who won’t be able to make into the Delhi University, don’t get disheartened. The college you take admission into, may not be that good or it may be beneath your expectations, but remember, at the end of your college life, it won’t be the degree that will matter for your life’s endeavours but your talent, self-confidence, and sincerity that you imbibed in yourself from your college life.

The vibrant and lush acres on a campus do not always certify an equally shining future of its students. It’s the student’s dedication and sincerity that determines the course of his future. The best example for this can be Bihar’s ‘Super 30’ institution, which is confined to a house and an extremely talented teacher and an exceptional success percentage.
In a nutshell, accept whichever college you get into and focus on excelling there instead of cribbing about not making into any other esteemed University. Remember one thing, belonging to a not-so-famous college will not make you inferior to your counterparts in any respect.

The tag of the college will remain with you for sometime in your life, but your calibre and talent is what will take you a long way in life.

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