The Aura of Authors…

Authors are one of the most underrated persons in our society if we ignore few exceptional cases of some renowned authors. Nowadays, authors are grossing decent collections of their books yet the word ‘Author’ is still not enrolled in the section of the profession by a majority of people.

Most of the people think that writing is merely a hobby and authors write just for the amusement. They consider that writing is something without an author can’t breathe and so they write. This might be true to some extent, but not all the authors write to secrete their individual emotions and expressions. Surprisingly, there are a lot of factors for writing, which perhaps has not been given a thought by most of the people so far. Some authors write for the people. Some write for the society while some write for the changes too. But, what they get in return?

Everything comes with a price. So do authors. They spend a good year or two of their lives writing a book, but the journey does not the end here. Even after completing the manuscript, they invest lots of time and money to make it available on the accessible platform for the readers. Unfortunately, after all these efforts, sometimes they do not get even a proper admiration for their work by the society.

Needless to say, that reading has always considered as the best exercise for the mind. So, one must have to pay the gratitude to those who are seeking them to do such exercise. A book might be the source of entertainment, knowledge or time pass for the readers. But, for authors, their books are the treasure for them, which must get recognition by candid feedback and stuff for the work.

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