The A to Z of Life

Addicting us to itself

Life makes those unknown bonds
And we, the mighty characters
Stage the great drama
We make it more expressive
We seek the cushion of friendship
And soon those glorious people
Fill our life with happiness
I, Me, and myself
Jealousy creeps in even faster
In that jumbled kaleidoscope
Life throws the love‘s roster
And yes, the magic happens
That normal life is lost
We try to stay optimistic
But practicality slaps us hard
We are posed with many questions
To win this race called life
A maze filled with secrets
Where our thoughts can never hide
Undefined, life remains
Yet is valued more than anything
Win or lose, it doesn’t matter
Xierach, that’s how this game will always be

Yes, that’s how this game of life will always be
Filled with a yearning to go on and on
Filled with a zeal to chase the end of eternity

Why is life so simply complicated?

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