The Cult of ‘Nice Garry’

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What started out as a mere shout of encouragement from Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade to Nathan Lyon, soon became a cult overnight. The repetitive use of ‘Nice Garry’ had a unique calling. It seemed to have started during South Africa’s tour of Australia in Nov 2016 when during the third test match, Matthew wade bacame […]

Who Should Our Idols Really Be?

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Like a coin always has two sides, there are always two kinds of people that adorn this land of humans. The good ones. The bad ones. We’ve all traditionally sided by the good side, haven’t we? We’ve always idolizes the ones who’ve changed the world, who’ve stamped their name on the world, who’ve left the […]

A Cupid’s Tale

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‘Oh my dear Cupid, When will I find my mate?’ ‘Oh my dear Cupid, When will you change my fate?’ ‘Am I not worthy of love?’ ‘Don’t you care for me at all?’ ‘If you are the real Cupid, Why do make my heart stall?’ ‘Just remember, oh Cupid, If you don’t find me a […]

Live, because LIFE is worth living

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All alone I sit Brushing my only tooth Caressing it with care Delaying the inevitable truth Everything has left me slowly Filled my life with void Greedily I stay Holding the death behind It’s not like I ain’t tired Journey just keeps getting tough Kidney has failed, stomach complains Legs can’t handle the road rough […]

Dear New Year, Happy Birthday!

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Dear New Year, Happy Birthday! You might not know this, but you’re one of those children who are extremely famous even before their birth. We children usually get our big birthday party after spending a year in this place. But you, you’re different. Look around the world. Look how the people threw big parties for […]

I miss you, Dad.

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You worked all day. Fighting against the odds of your life You kicked the demons out Without even giving us a glimpse Of what you go through all day. If you are reading this dad, Maa has already given up on happy days. Bhai is crying and regretting for always arguing with you And I […]

The Addiction called LIFE

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As a student, I never thought clearing an interview would be difficult. After ten rejections though, life has shown me just how tough it can be. Being a writer, I’ve always been proud of the string of words at my disposal. They’re not only my friends, they’re the roots of that writer in me. And […]

The A to Z of Life

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Addicting us to itself Life makes those unknown bonds And we, the mighty characters Stage the great drama We make it more expressive We seek the cushion of friendship And soon those glorious people Fill our life with happiness I, Me, and myself Jealousy creeps in even faster In that jumbled kaleidoscope Life throws the love‘s roster And […]