Summer with a Promise of Rain

It wasn’t a summer that dragged our life out of the cold. Neither was it the one which burnt our life away. No. Instead, it was a summer which came with a promise of rain.

And now, it’s over.

Yes, the summer of education is finally done. And just like most of the other summers, this summer too promised a rain at the end.


A rain of jobs!


We often hear people say that complete this course and your life is set. Especially towards the end of summer, every one around us is keen to be a meteorologist. They all predict some heavy showers towards the end. However, nature isn’t bound to prove their predictions right. So then, why should the weather of recruitment be any different, right?


It’s been a while now since the end of summer. And true to its nature, that fabled rain of jobs is nowhere in sight.


Maybe, it wouldn’t have worried us so much. This little delay in rain could have gone unnoticed. But the birds flocking around us never allow us that luxury. From dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn, they keep chirping the words, “What next?”

What next!

The two words that make the end of a beautiful summer horrible. Unknowingly, we start to feel a burden of them. And finally, irrespective of whether we want it or not, we start to look for options.


Some opt for higher studies, go though another summer and hope that the promise is fulfilled towards its end. If it isn’t, they keep going through many small and big summers, collecting a variety of degrees and certificates along the way.

And then there are those adventurous ones. They don’t care if the rain isn’t there. They build they own clouds and make their own rain.

Though, both these things are not everyone’s cup of tea. And so, a majority of us just sit back. We sit back, staring at the sky, awaiting the promised rain. We get rejected a number of times, we get ignored on every step, but never do we abandon hope. Or at least, that is what we want the world to believe.

Because after a while, we get into a situation where we start to treasure any and every drop that comes our way. Those solitary little drops soon become our life. And the dream of getting drenched in the rain is long forgotten.


Whatever it might be, the summer of education is here to stay. And in reality, it ain’t the devil at all.

It is the most pleasant thing we go through in our life. It is a season which gives us a number of friends and an infinite number of memories to cherish.


But along with all the goods, it also gives us that promise of rain.


A promise which remains unfulfilled for most of us.



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