Stop Body Shaming

I am fat and ugly,

I am short and skinny,

I am not enticing you by being curvy.

But tell me, what good are you doing by body shaming?


Body shaming is defined as an act of stigmatizing or mocking the appearance of a person. It is intended to belittle the existence of the victim and remark curtly on his/her self-esteem.

How cool does it sounds to bother the other person by commenting over their figure but just go and have a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Are you perfect?”

All of us are the children of Almighty who created us equally. We have our set of differences that make us unique and are characteristic of our distinct personalities. But there is one thing that we share in common – FLAWS!

Yes, none of us is impeccable. None is superior to others. We all are replete with flaws. Cracks are present in each one of us. It is pathetic to say how ignorant we are towards our own blemishes and concerned about the abnormality in others. Body Shaming might not be illegitimate but is definitely a crime on the moral grounds. It is a serious offense that can severely damage the mind of the victim.

Lewd comments are passed very often pertaining to the façade of a person. Though both the genders face the similar crisis, the degree of suffering of women is undeniably a bit more. Since a female class is always looked upon with disdain, they are primarily judged and differentiated based on their looks. If she is fat, she is not good. If she is thin, she is a skeleton. If she is short, she is akin to a dwarf. If she is tall, compare her with a tower. If a boy gets no beard, he isn’t man enough. If he has not got the deep voice, he is meek and coy. If someone is black, they are thrashed and wounded with a bounty of offensive nicknames. We do love the color black but when it comes to skin, the choices drastically change.

Hey! If you don’t have those sagging bosoms and a perfect butt, I am sorry to say but please accept that you are imperfect!

This mark of ‘imperfection’ drives the people crazy. From the very onset of our childhood, the society pushes us into forming a frame of mind that imperfection is disgusting and being imperfect is ill. Perfection deserves all praises. And people have all the right to sabotage your individuality if you are found with even the slightest of flaw.

Though the truth lies in the fact that right from our head to the tip of our toes, we have faults. Our defects seem to vanish as soon we take a gander at the flaws of others. How quick are we to spot the differences and instantly come up with some derogatory words that prick the heart of the listener. I wish those words could tear apart the conscience of the speaker too!

Such demeaning acts of body shaming can adversely affect the psychology of the victim. It might land him into depression or even drive him towards committing the blunder of suicide. We speak, we criticize, we move on without realizing the damage those aspersions do.

It is really important to gauge the enormity of our inhuman deeds. It is the time we realize that our flaws make us who we are. Embrace your true self as well as be appreciative of the beauty in others.

Live in peace.

Live in harmony.

Live in acceptance.



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