Sometimes, you may find her sobbing in the darkest corner of her room, another moment you may find her laughing with her children, family and mates.

This is not true that she is regretting for her cruel life, but she is not that pleased with her life, too.

Particularly, in a country like ours if she is being brutally beaten by her in-laws, that’s their right.

If she is forced to give up her ambitions for family (in-laws), it is her culture.

She is supressed and that’s because she has no power to withstand the world out there.

Adding new wounds over fresh bloody wounds; wet long unstoppable tears, she cage them like these are those precious ornaments to wear throughout her life.

She never complaint, and this is not her inability to face them, but her patience; as she is giving you ample time to know the hidden truths, her contentment with this little love you give her, that’s what makes her feel good though she wants to be (rather she is really not).

But when they saw her rising, ruling them, making plans and procedures, leading them, they feel like slaves.

But nobody thinks of her being an integral part of society and her role like an oil in a lamp.

Despite having many successful women in our country that we have set examples, Sushma Swaraj, our Foreign Minister, Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico India; we are still somewhere lagging behind in uprooting this evil altogether from the society like that of women living in rural areas or at places which are remote and not in much link to cities.

It’s not true that they lack callibre, or their skills are outdated, infact the best hard working labour they are, with such deep knowledge and smart attitude towards work.

Proper encouragement, developing facilities, growing environment needs to be provided to her.

Policies and plans need to be framed out so as to ensure her multi-dimensional  development.


She is a ray of light; 

Who herself

remains in the dark, 

And never regret over her plight.

She is a hope,

She is a support,

Her smile is a result of yours

So why don’t you become

her pain’s Antidote? 

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