She is that girl.

She is the girl who,
Has no clue about dancing yet loves to dance even with no music on in her room.
Who could possibly be the worst bathroom singer but never stops singing even on the street.
Who listens to Eminem’s music but can go all along the way to listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ within a minute.
She is the girl who,
Claims she is like her Maa but can’t even fight for an extra kadi-patta with bhaiyaa.
Who says she is stronger than her dad but freaks out every time she hears about the room full of flies on the drive by.
Who fights with her brother every single day but will even hold his back when the signs go the other way.
Who is soo moved by the tales of her grand-parents but is still discovering her own tale for her niche.
She is the girl who,
Greets back with a bright ‘Smile’ and a ‘Thankyou’ when somebody compliments her
Because she is too confused if it should be with a handshake or a hug.
Who loves meeting new people but finds her solace all alone in her room.
Who wishes to start a conversation with every stranger with a novel in their hands but is scared to even say “Hello”.
She is the girl who,
Talks with stars, moon and trees
And secretly wishes for Hogwarts to be real.
Who believes in Love, Hope and Faith even after heartbreaks and failures.
She is the girl who will break your head if you dare cat-call her friends.
Who will trip over nothing and fall down while walking even on a perfect road.
Who will cry over fictional character.
She is the girl who gets a crush easily on a guy but wonders if she can be someone’s crush on.
The one who has a love for arts and artists,
Who believes in the power of words and paintings.
Who pens down her thoughts into words,
Because Young people are not afraid of telling the truth.
Who might be sometimes controversial but will never argue just for fame.
Who will put all her trust in you until you give her a reason not to.
Who goes to bed at 11 but will stay up late just for you.
She is the girl who is someone you may know.
She is the girl who can be you.
She is the girl who you might fall in love with.
She is the girl who is still holding on for something new.
So let’s not judge her by the choices she makes.
Let’s not shame her for the decisions she takes.
And please, let go the idea to search for a perfect girl or a mate.
Because the one who leaves for the quest to possess ‘Perfection’ never really comes back being satisfied by what actually is already Perfect.
– Kinjal Parekh
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