She has Changed for Herself!

SHE is Power!

Pain is inevitable and so its comparison with a woman. Darkness finds its home in the life of a woman. She inhales this bleak energy. She’s made to live the agony and the helplessness.

No matter how much the world progresses, the patriarchal society still frowns upon the desire of a woman to take a step in the forward direction. Numerous restrictions are imposed on her to tell her that she deserves the ground and the cage. Since the time immemorial, a woman has been taught to live hesitantly.

She is ordered to keep her voice low, eyes down, make slow movements, concede to the demands of the men and always behave in a demure fashion. If ever her actions do not go in line with the rules fabricated for her, she is beaten up and abused and threatened. She cries, she mumbles, she whines, her heart screams and her dreams turn scary enough to stop her from wandering in its realms. She feels bad, In fact, worse to let it all happen so smoothly and not protest. She is made to fall prey to the false notion that she is powerless.

And a day came when things turned their ways.

She remembered who she was and the game changed.

Yes, she realized that she is not what others have made her believe. She is no more credulous or submissive. She won’t play along in the game you plotted to exploit her. She, now, know that she is powerful. She will raise her voice, put forth her opinions and challenge your insecurities. She is no longer going to be trapped and no fake emotion of yours will prove to be a bait for a strong woman. She endured for all these years. She waited patiently for the right time, to assert her value and importance.

She will not be scared of your demeanor. Her mien is more terrifying. Your words will not intimidate her because she has changed her bruises into her weapons.

She will see straight into your eyes to see your bare soul and tell you that she no longer fears you. The pungent acid or the fire or the beating or the molestation cannot stop her. She is burning fiercely – with passion, with zeal, with the strength of character. She won’t be bogged down instead the time has arrived for her to blaze a trail.

And, the stars will look at her, jealous of her innate shine!

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