Roger (Legend) Federer

Champions come and go

The legends, they stay

To the chambers of our heart

They carve their own way


I still remember that day six years ago when our city had hosted its first half-marathon. The then sports minister Mr. Gill had flagged off that race. That night, at the concert, which followed the race, he delivered a speech which is still fresh in my mind.


“Change,” he had said, “Is more evident in sports than in any other thing.” He continued further taking an example from tennis. “It was Federer’s reign yesterday; Nadal will take the dais today, and Djokovic will follow them tomorrow. The cycle will go on as new champions emerge every day.” That speech had lasted for a long period of time, but it were these words of his which got etched in my memory.


Today, as I write this article, I believe he was right. The crown of champions has changed many heads since that time. Many new names have got scribbled on that wall of champions. Surely, a new champion has emerged with every passing day.

And yet amidst this dance of champions, there has been one man who has stood tall braving all the storms. Critics called him an old warhorse, fans started to lose their faith in him, but nothing of it, could deter the confidence he had in himself. And to say that it has paid off would be such an understatement.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about none other than the legend – Roger Federer.


Winning the prestigious Wimbledon crown for the record eighth time, he once again proved that he was far from done and dusted. And to do it without losing a single set is something which speaks a volume of its own.


Simplicity, his motto

Elegance, his style

It’s not the sheer force

He wins them with his guile


Elegance is that one term which has always been associated with Roger Federer. His style of playing has been compared poetry and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t. Be it a forehand crunch or a backhand flick, a shot across the court or the one down the line, they always make you gasp in an awe. Pulling them off time and time again in pressure situations in those high-profile matches is something which makes you admire the man even more. No, not just admire, but respect the man too.


For it is sportsman like him who make the game their own. But more than anything else, they make us fall in love with the game all over again.


For the champions will come and go

Make us applaud their play

But it’s the legends who’ll earn our respect

It’s the legends who’ll stay


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