Results: A set of numbers

Every year, the month of June brings a lot of happiness, disappointment, praising and sorrow. It is that brutal month of the year when most of the results get declared. Millions and millions of aspirants with their dreams, appear in examinations after a year of hard work. But, a few sets of numbers spoil the equation of life. Although this set of numbers simplifies the equation of life sometimes, the spoilage is always found to be greater than simplification.

Lots of dreams get shattered and a lot gets embodied with the release of the integral numbers. Few give up their journey while few find the gateway to move further. People start compromising with their goal running behind the numbers. But, do the numbers actually possess that much importance in our life? Well, the answer to this question is very subjective, which may carry confliction and conformity.

Don’t you feel prosaic remembering figures in History classes? If yes, then why do you get obsessed with numbers when it comes to results.

The results are nothing but few combinations of the digit which is used as criteria for seeking in some renowned institutes and organization. It doesn’t tell how many sleepless nights you have spent for those figures and how many you can spend further. It never tells your desires and dreams.

For instance, do you remember who was the topper of CBSE board in 2016? What happened? Would you able to give the answer?

Now, if you were asked which of your friend had wished first on your birthday, you might answer correctly. Isn’t it strange that you forget the person who got lots of attention and media coverage, but you have remembered who text you few lines first on your birthday?

If you are wise enough, you can understand the difference between being intelligent and intellectual. Figures are something that is going to be remembered for a week or a month or hardly a year. It’s never going to tattoo on your face or character. The only things that differentiate you from the crowd are your potential, skills, and talent which exist in everyone sufficiently in a different form. Nobody is going to remember you for any two digit numbers with decimals.

Marks and grades will hardly matter when you were at the midway on your life. Those who think that there’s nothing left in their life after scoring low grades, push themselves into eternal darkness. Life is not meant to statistics. If you fail to perform in some field, it doesn’t reflect your incompetence. It reflects the choice you have made to perform. So, if you want to make a difference in your results, make a difference in your choice. Better you will opt the direction, better the results you will get.

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