From the Indian to the Indians!

Have you ever heard these 5 statements from the Indian to the Indians? Few dialogues that we can never forget to blabber are:

  • Wo jagah itni saaf thi ki laga hi nahi, main India mein hu…” Some Indians, sometimes refuse to believe, they are in India, and the reason seems to be hilarious. Pinch yourself to dispel the myth, that you are wandering around the streets of Cuba or Mauritius. Yet, we are not competing with them, but dude, lot many people are working for it.


  • “India ki Government kuch karti hi nahi.” This is blurted out with an ease, while chewing ‘pan‘, Isn’t it? My dear folks, we have learned in our primary grades itself, that the Government is of the people, by the people and for the people. So, better lay the first stone yourself and it will invigorate axiomatically.


  • “India mein kisi ko parking or driving sense hi nahi.” Have you ever heard it? I did, several times. And this really sounds humorous. That one person, who is driving swiftly in a legendary manner (in his own opinion), judges the others as illegitimate drivers. Hey, pompous! Stop eulogize yourself. Somebody else has the same utterance for you as you have for them. Traffic rules are meant to be followed. Just understand the simple things.


  • “ye desh gareeb hi rahega… “ Not the country, but this thought is poor and nauseous. Can we really stop jabbering, such miserable words as in this way we give a chance to other countries to perceive the same for us. And when, they do so, we unite on social media to criticise that one Alien. Let’s unite for the betterment rather than offering our commiserations.


  • ye desh kabhi tarraki nahi kar sakta… “ It usually strikes my ears while travelling in a train or walking in a park. Those intellectuals (they refuse to accept they are not), who are antagonistic towards paying even tax, while smoking ‘bidis‘ or sipping ‘chai‘, predict the future of our country in their frivolous, brainless political conversations. It leads to nothing and yet earns green light from the parallel-minded person sitting next to him and hence they welcome the pointless conception with a standing ovation.

‘Our country can never develop’, I question you, is it really so? There are many loopholes in the law structure, and the whole system. The prevailing social or political order is inconsistent. But, have we ever tried to fish out the origin, the roots of the faulty system. It’s ‘WE’ and our ‘DESOLATE THOUGHTS’. It’s deep, we need to disperse the fresh seeds, to grow strong roots to harvest the unwilted crops. Blaze the doleful thoughts and stop feeling dolorous. Respect the country, the government, the soldiers, the people who are working honestly, dedicately for the country. Start from yourself, as one can bring a change. ‘soch badlo, desh badlega‘, I am sure you have heard this one, too.

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