Power comes with great responsibilities

Let’s keep today’s article aside and perform an experiment first. Ready? Open your Facebook or Instagram account and keep scrolling down for one minute. Did you notice something?

Eventually, most of you would have found the bulk of video posts in the newsfeed during this experiment. If not, try this experiment again or enhance your observing skill.

Nowadays, life is being synchronized in videos. Tons and tons of videos are getting uploaded on social media sites which hardly would have any significance to the society. It is just for the sake of showcasing the lifestyle and serving the tablets of entertainment to the addicts of social media. Ironically, if someone is driving or dining at some fine restaurant, it goes live on Facebook and Instagram. Even if they don’t find a crap to upload, they just upload any comic scene of some shitty movie. Nevertheless, people are social media addicts, So, how can they miss to watch even if it’s not worthy of a single penny?

The social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc, are getting flooded with the videos day by day. A wide range of unnecessary videos is being posted under the name of comedy, gag and, humor. It takes a fraction of seconds for the social media to create hundreds of memes and troll videos to make fun of anything, be it on Gormint Aunty or the Trivago’s advertisement or Nagarpalika video. But, is it what social media made for?

No doubt, laughter is the best medicine but, medicine comes in the required intake. An overdose of medicines can cause side effects too. The side effects of insensitivity, inhumanity and, lack of empathy among the people. Today, we can create memes and troll post even on serious and penetrating issues and we claim us, creative people. Is it actually what “creative” people do?

A recent example of a drug abused kid, Kamlesh is getting highly viral and trolled these days. Excruciatingly, the penetrating issue behind that video clip got suppressed in the laughter of memes created by people. It is shocking and pathetic seeing people mocking at serious issues. Is social media is actually being treated as social media or it is just a source of entertainment to kill your spare time?

If you are blessed with some modes of communication and expression, don’t misuse it. 


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