Our love relationship

Being in a relationship or seeking for a relationship has become a trend these days. You would get considered incomplete and inhuman if you don’t have a relationship or hadn’t ever in past. Also, you can’t escape from your friends tagging you in memes and posts on social media. Can you?
Probably, the relationship has more shades than anything. Sometimes, it becomes the happiest part of your life and for sometimes, it becomes so complicated that no other choice remains than being heartless. Nowadays, the relationships are getting more complicated than cracking CAT or UPSE, at least for some sort of people. Often, it seems the only biggest problem of the surrounding.
In the beginning of every relationship, the two try to make everything so special that their relationship would seem the most loveable and ideal one in the world. They want to take it at the peak of the scale so that they would have the strongest bonding.
They urge to fascinate each other so deeply that no privation exists between them. Further, they put all the efforts to win over each other, be it changing the dressing sense and language, frequent gifts and surprises, non-stop talks, exploring new places with each other and what not.
But, even though getting into a relationship successfully, people get trapped in it unknowingly. As the relationship grows, things start turning and priorities get less. Soon, misunderstanding occurs and ultimately, the relationship turns sour. At some point of time, you find no spark in your relationship. This happens because the spark you would have generated in the beginning of the relationship is temporary. All that wows between two were forcedly created. Hence, it won’t be forever because you can’t carry that fake version of yourself that actually you’re not.
So, just be what you’re and let the person love you the way you are rather than making efforts for wows. You may create thousands of effort and changes but, that won’t long last for sure.

Love is not when you get touched by someone’s peculiarity. A true mark of love is when you start accepting someone with his/her flaws.

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