Old Soul – Innocence or Ignorance?

I observed my dadi’s (grandmother) expressions with great care today. She is 75.
We all have often read that old age is like a second childhood. Old people, just like a child, they need a lot of care, affection, and love. But for a moment, let’s just talk about innocence. Innocence at old age. It’s not the same as the one during the child age. These old people already know a lot about this world, about how this Universe works, about real relationships and also about the ones with pure falseness.
Today, we were all watching T.V. and my dadi had that one constant and a real smile on her face. You can see those wrinkles on the edge of her eyes when she smiles as and when she smiles or frowns or for that matter,  even if she does nothing in particular.
Maybe those countless wrinkles are the number of wisdom she holds – countless.
What is so different about them other than being weak at such an age?
Is it their openness to loving and being loved?
And is this innocence or just not understanding stuff? Innocence goes deeper than ignorance. It is some mysterious operation of the imagination, the part that can enter into mental universes from which one is soon to be forever excluded. I have my own particular recollection of this.
Many of us are blessed to still have them around us and yet we wave them off for our major time of the day.  Of course, why would you hang out or even talk to someone who can’t serve you back? Right?
But only if we knew that they have the treasure of wisdom that is fading or may be, has already faded.
They might probably be knowing this world of humans and spirit more than us. Probably the book we read to understand on self-help and spirituality is what they already knew without even reading those stuff. Probably.
Let’s talk about advice from them. Last night my dadi started telling me on how the world, the universe for that matter will serve your opportunity if you really long to have it. But all will go in vain if you don’t realize it and then no one but you and your fate would be the one to blame. That’s what we all know, right? But this becomes a little different when it comes from them. I don’t know what. Maybe you do? Maybe it’s because of their innocence and their pure intention to see me grown up. In fact, not just for me but for every human out there? Maybe.
Time has it’s way when it comes to playing with emotions. Don’t treat an old soul like they don’t exist. They might be irritating at times, maybe their tantrums are horrible and hard to handle. But talking and smiling in a calm way won’t hurt, will it?  You never know what comes next and I’m sure none of us wish to regret what happens next.
So let go of the frustration and pay them a little heed. After all, they have the greatest wisdom to offer you all for free, with innocence and blessings, only if you wish to accept them.
– Kinjal Parekh
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