Need for value based education.

“Knowledge is the essence of society which is passed from one generation to another.”

Everybody is running recklessly behind an unseen truth. Today we all are focused on appearing in exams and clearing it somehow. Only a few look for the true importance of books in our lives.

Have you ever thought of the state we will be in after getting a job in any sort of industry or company without having any fundamental and indepth knowledge, vainly thinking of knowing everything? True importance that forms in our lives are of the moral values which we must inculcate very deeply in our attitude.

Since, we live in a modern age and our advancement has both, positive and negative aspects just as the two sides of a coin. I don’t think that anybody here can contest the fact that present generation has an enviable access to the best of educational avenues, with loads of information at one click of mouse, at their doorstep.

But a few years back, those who were at the helm of affairs were quite worried that a very tiny proportion of our young boys and girls get admission in higher education institutions, resulting in a very low rate of  enrollments in higher education in comparison to the developed countries. This being an important indicator of our development, has obviously pointed to our backwardness in comparison to other countries  in relation to higher education. To tackle the problem various agendas were set and to our pleasure the goals were successfully achieved to a large extent. But let us pause, and access as to what kind of human resource do these higher educational institutions are churning out.

It is an open secret  that majority of the pass-outs of these institutions or even those institutions providing professional degrees are unemployable. Only few parents who can afford to send their wards to good schools and colleges which enable them to speak in english  while it is a different thing that many of them are not able to write a single sentence in English  with correct grammar. With superficial knowledge, in fact, school and college brand names are used to flaunt the social status both by parents and children.

Our education system fails to teach the students that honesty and truthfulness continue to be the long lasting knowledge that human possess. It never promotes students to come out their comfort zones and reach out to those who really needs them.

In fact our education system has segregated children totally. Highly expensive self-finance courses majorly adopted  by high elite class are churning out trainees who never identify themselves as the ordinary citizens of the country.

The question that arises here is to what extent do we do of such human resource that has become a parasite  for the very society to which it belongs?

Do we really  need an education system that creates such corrupt and insensitive human beings who are oblivious to their values, traditions or culture?  Can we really afford such an education system?

This is the right time we pause and take decisions lest it is too late.

Education is not only filling up of pails but lighting up of fire”

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