Mr. Trump’s Concerned!

As the world celebrates ‘Environment Day’, the greatest nation of the world folds its arms and looks over the proceedings of the other nations.

The ‘Paris Climate Change Deal’, an agreement in which the involved countries determine, plan and regularly report their contribution they should do in order to mitigate global warming, has become the talk of the hour. No wonder, United States of America (USA) is the ignitor of the inconvenience throughout the globe. Donald Trump, the President of USA announced his nation’s withdrawal from the agreement, stating that the deal is “bad for US business“.

It’s in fact ridiculous to gulp down the fact that the greatest nation of the world is concerned more about its economy than the future of the world. Mr. Trump also seems to be unwilling to contribute even a penny towards the reduction of greenhouse gases’ emission as he stated that his nation will stop funding these efforts. Well, here lies the matter of concern for the nations of the world. America is the second largest greenhouse gas polluter and besides this fact, it is also crucially instrumental in helping other countries to reduce emissions. Thus, this major decision ( also, a selfish one!) will definitely create a lag in the working towards their goal of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of countries financially dependent on Mr. Trump’s nation.
This negligence towards the planet’s health by the most powerful nation of the world indicates that the greatness of this nation has converged within its own boundary, devoid of any tinge of responsibility. It’s heartbreaking to witness such an act by a nation which enjoys an upper hand over other nations.

Has this nation decided to destroy this planet and settle somewhere else in the universe? Maybe, Yes!

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