Lost, but not Defeated

If you happened to steal a glance at the morning papers of 19th June 2017, there is one thing you’d have found common in them. All of them celebrated Kidambi Srikanth’s badminton triumph and the win of the Indian hockey team. An occasional reader might not find anything unusual in it, but ask it to the regulars and they’d say it was definitely a surprise.

In a country where Cricket dominates right from the filthy streets to the big wealthy leagues, the shift of focus on the other games was by all odds unusual. What escalated the effect by miles was the backdrop on which the whole event unfolded. In the week before that, both those news were stranded in a tiny little corner of the sports page. The reason was simple – everyone was busy covering the mighty India-Pakistan cricket finals.

It’s funny how a defeat can change everything. In those handful number of hours, the heroes of a billion hearts were being termed as villains and the nation had found some unlikely champions in the other games.

As an ardent sports follower, I was rejoiced by the change of moods. But deep down my heart, I always knew that it was nothing more than a momentary shift. Come tomorrow when the cricket team starts winning again, everyone will be back to being their own self, back to talking just about the game which has ruled their hearts.

Yes, time will change, people will change and everything we know will change. Though, nothing of it can hide the fact that we’re a selfish breed. Why do find it so hard to understand that there’s no shame in accepting a defeat?

If you celebrate the victories, you should accept the defeats as well.

It’s a simple fact and yet too hard to implement. If you just keep on winning, you won’t cherish that win after a certain period of time. It’s a really dangerous phase of life when a win is taken for granted. And that’s when a loss can do wonders to you. A victory may pile up all the bright memories, but a loss teaches you to value that happiness.

So, while you celebrate much more victories in the future, don’t forget to accept the losses as well.

No matter how many times we lose, till we have strength and belief, we’d never be defeated.

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One thought on “Lost, but not Defeated

  • June 25, 2017 at 5:08 am

    I agree. If we support them when they win the match, then we must not leave their side when they lose the game. It is just a game afterall, in which sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.

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