Live, because LIFE is worth living

All alone I sit
Brushing my only tooth
Caressing it with care
Delaying the inevitable truth

Everything has left me slowly
Filled my life with void
Greedily I stay
Holding the death behind

It’s not like I ain’t tired
Journey just keeps getting tough
Kidney has failed, stomach complains
Legs can’t handle the road rough

Madness it is when everything starts to ache
Neglecting them doesn’t work anymore
Obviously though, I can’t just give up
Passion to live long doesn’t let me bore

Quietly, I go about the days
Reminiscing every breath that I take
Seasons change, but no, not me
That ticking clock, I don’t see

Unable to end my desire to live
Victim I am of this disease called life
What can I do, I have no strength
X-rays show my body’s ripe

Yet, I keep tugging along
Zealously waiting for the end of eternity…

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