Just Make the Damn Choice!

Let us turn the wheel of memories a little.

Let’s go back to the time when we had nothing but a pencil in our hand. Back then, it didn’t matter what we wrote or how we wrote it. We, and the ones around us were happy just to see some words on the page. That was the time when it was absolutely OK to make mistakes. We would either ignore them or scratch them and move ahead. When someone did make us realize of our fault, we would laugh at it, learn from it, and once again, move ahead.

Life was so simple.

But where’s the fun in staying simple, right?

With the passage of time we were made aware of a rather interesting fact – that eraser at the back of our pencil wasn’t there just to chew. It had far greater purpose than that. It allowed us to rub our mistakes off.

One simple realization changed the entire game!

Suddenly, we started to grow aware of the mistakes we made. We were aware of the eraser marks that were left behind. We were aware of those faded lines, of those transparent but engraved words, and of those black spots on our page. But more importantly, we were much more aware of what we were actually writing.

Our thoughts became filtered and our writing, short and precise.

In our efforts to keep the page neat and tidy, we forgot the fun of making mistakes and learning from them.

Life was not so simple anymore.

And it was all because we had another option. We had to choose between whether to write or erase, and that made all the difference.

On most occasions, it’s good to have options. It feels good to see two roads diverging in a yellow wood. It feels good to hold the power of decision. It feels good to have that dilemma of choice, that problem of plenty.

But sometimes – and I mean it, sometimes – we do feel otherwise.

It’s time like these when we want just one road to stare back at us. It doesn’t matter if it’s trodden by thousands or is the one less traveled by. As long as we don’t have to make a choice, we are all smiles and laughter.

And that brings us to a very important question: Why are we so afraid to make a choice?

Life is a maze full of diversions where we’re asked to make a choice at every crossroad. However, if you have solved a maze puzzle before, you’d know that one wrong turn ain’t the end of it. You can always backtrack and explore other paths till you reach the goal. Then why should the maze of life be any different, right?

What we need to re-realize is that it’s absolutely OK to make mistakes. It’s fine if we make a wrong choice. It’s fine if we reach a wall and have to backtrack. It’s fine if we have to scratch out our errors. It’s fine if the world sees our eraser marks. Most probably, the world won’t even care.

As my friend rightly said,

The thing about options is that they all look tempting until you make the choice. And no matter what you do, you will have to make that choice. So throw away all rationality and reasoning and just make the damn choice. And once you do, work hard to make that choice the best possible reality of your life.

So let us today shed all our fears and make the damn choice!

The faster we learn not to be afraid by options, the faster we’ll start to enjoy life.

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3 thoughts on “Just Make the Damn Choice!

  1. Many times came across relations of pencil n paper with life n mistakes but nobody was able to define it more alluring than you especially the lines”In our efforts to keep the page neat and tidy, we forgot the fun of making mistakes and learning from them.””….

    It’s super dhaasu Chinmay 😉 😉 😉

  2. Wow.. so amazing description Boss.
    Very simple and heart touching ❤️😊
    (The truth is it raised the heartbeats of kid inside me. 😌)
    (Jaise aaj chori pakdi ja rhi ho ek-ek kr k 😁😂😂)

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