Inspiration: The journey between struggle and achievement.

Life is a struggle. Is it so? Maybe or maybe not. Everyone struggles and fights for their dreams, desires, and fantasy according to their capability.

Lots of people might have a query regarding their hard work and success. They claim that they work hard, but they fail to convert it into success.

For them, I have a theory which is experienced and partially true, rather completely. A theory that you might have also experienced or observed in your surroundings. The theory which says that people always co-relate your work with your community, background, status, religion, race, caste, sex and even with your name too. Till you are anonymous and common, people look up to your work, but once you start becoming famous, popular and successful, they start pushing you back. How is it possible for you to become successful living with them?

Apart from this psychological reason, the greatest irony of life is we all are equally struggling and facing the failure in our own recent. Now, there might be a question in your mind. If we all are struggling equally, then why do we have different ranks on a scale?

The answer is, success is a very subjective term which may have various parameters to measure according to the perspective of people. If you’re satisfied, you’re successful. However, satisfaction is considered to be a myth. Humans are not meant to be satisfied ever, but, one can’t deny that all depends on how you see yourself.

Often, we get influenced by seeing someone’s achievement or success. And also get compelled to think how inspiring their story is and how much they have struggled. Why aren’t we that successful or why we haven’t had that much achievement?

Every achiever or dreamer dreams to have an inspiring story so that he/she could persuade people. So do they. We think how struggling life an achiever has, but the fact is everyone struggles. The only difference is when you finally achieve something, the story of your struggle becomes inspiring. Even sometimes, your trivial story becomes genuine.

You only need success and your inspiring story will be created spontaneously without any effort.

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