Indian Education System needs to be reformed urgently.

An innocent, seven years old kid brutally murdered in the school,’ is the headline we have read only a few days ago. An international school, affiliated to CBSE, based in close proximity to the ‘heart of India’, Delhi, is the crime scene’s location. Is this what India’s education system has risen to? Is this how we expect the future of our nation to be treated in the abode of education? Or is this what the schools take fees for?

Recently, India has witnessed a surge in the number of crimes committed in school premises, the matter of fact being that the schools were all of International standards. The question here is that if even schools become unsafe for children, how do the parents be assured of their child’s safe return from the school? The answer lies in the fact that, education in India has turned out to be a large scale ,tax free, profitable business. Big businessmen, eminent political leaders, and other socially popular personalities have dived into this ‘business’ to convert their black money into white, without any hassle. All the schools care about is making money and show off its superficial facilities to the nation.

The flaws in Indian education system are numerous. But, the question of safety of the schol children is of utmost importance. If the children aren’t safe, which parent would want its child to get educated? If any crime is committed in the school, it is the responsibility of the Principal and the management to take accountability of the crime and reveal the facts to the investigating team instead of concealing details. The amount of money these schools take in should equate the responsibilities they need to shoulder. The Central government needs to keep a check on the schools of the nation.

Another case where teachers are accused of hitting the children, is of great concern for us. The amount of work load and pressure on teachers in private schools, is one of the driving force behind such actions. The atmosphere of the school must be one of a relaxed kind to avoid such actions.

The Education system of India needs repairs and reconstruction urgently to ensure that children only come to study and make a bright future, and not become victim to any misfortune.

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